WSC Monthly Bulletin - June 2019

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June 2019

Program Year 2018-19

Member evaluations due June 15

Following up on our May 8 email to site staff, evaluations for members scheduled to exit after June 30 are due to WSC by June 15.

Pop quiz!

Site staff must send member exit paperwork to WSC within ____ days of last day of service.

[Jeopardy theme song playing in background]

Answer: 5

Summer safety

Summer in the Northwest typically means enjoying the outdoors. One quick safety tip, especially when backcountry hiking alone: leave an itinerary with someone at home. This would include your vehicle license and type, intended hiking route, projected start and end times, and items you plan to carry and wear. Should something happen on your hike, the person with your itinerary can assist searchers by providing essential info. 

Stipend stories wanted!

WSC will be talking with legislators about how challenging it can be to live on an AmeriCorps stipend in Washington State, and we'd like to share some real-life examples from members and site staff.

Look for an email in the days ahead from our director, James, on how you can help us provide a voice to this increasingly important issue.


Washington Service Corps believes that national service is an opportunity that is valuable for every person, and as such, we are taking steps to create an accessible, diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture for all of our members.

Our written commitment to making our national service program an opportunity that is fully accessible to all can be found on our website.

Summer service

Site staff and members: if service revolves around students who will soon be ending the school year, now is the time to start planning for what summer service will entail, and lining up alternative service if necessary.

Make sure alternative service aligns with required guidelines.

Quarterly reports and stories due in June

Third quarter data reports launched last week and are due June 17.

Stories of service are also due June 17 from all members. TIP: to avoid TimeTracker timing out before you click the Submit button, write your story in Word or Notepad, then copy it into TimeTracker.

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