Developmental Disabilities Administration Support of Client Reviews will resume and be held online

Developmental Disabilities Administration 

January 4, 2022 

DDA Support of Client Reviews resume and will be held online for Group Home, Group Training Home, and Supported Living providers

Before the pandemic, Donna Pierson of DDA's Residential Quality Assurance Unit traveled across the state to review residential providers’ support of clients, in addition to helping with management of client funds. 

Beginning this month, the Support of Client reviews will resume, and will be done virtually.  Reviews will monitor supported living agencies, group homes, and group training homes’ compliance with WAC 388-101D-0145, which requires service providers to provide supports to clients as directed in the clients’ Person-Centered Service Plans.  Donna will contact you via email to schedule the virtual review.  You will then be asked to provide documentation to substantiate the supports have been provided. 

Donna also developed a virtual Management of Client Funds training.  The ideal audience is any of your staff who are interested in learning more about or refreshing their knowledge of managing client funds.  Attendees should be somehow involved with helping the clients manage finances, whether at the office or in the homes.  Any staff who has anything to do with client finances, including writing or implementing Individual Financial Plans, should benefit from the training.

If you have questions about the Support of Client reviews or would like to schedule a virtual Management of Client Funds training, please contact Donna at

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