Parent to Parent Contract Solicitation - now posted in WEBS!

Developmental Disabilities Administration

December 8, 2021

Parent to Parent Contract Solicitation - now posted in WEBS!

The State of Washington’s Department of Social & Health Services’ Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) is seeking qualified organizations to participate in a contract solicitation, identified as Request for Qualifications (RFQ) #2134-796: Parent To Parent Services

This solicitation is now posted to assist DDA in obtaining a qualified firm/organization to provide supportive, encouraging, and informational opportunities to families of individuals with developmental disabilities. 

In order to receive notification of all amendments and announcements regarding this specific RFQ, you must:

  1. Register on the state's solicitation notification system, Washington Electronic Business Solutions, or WEBS, then
  2. Download the RFQ documents  

*Registering on WEBS is fast and easy, and at no cost to you.  We urge you to take a minute to check out this link for details as this website includes tips and instructions to assist you, and a phone number to call for assistance.  Again, once registered, you must enter this portal and download the RFQ documents in order to receive notifications about this solicitation.

If you have questions after reviewing the RFQ documents, please contact the Solicitation Coordinator only via email, at

You can also find this solicitation publicly posted on DSHS’ Procurement website – Parent to Parent Services.

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