Distance Based Observation and Reporting (DBOR) for: Supported Living Agency Providers

Developmental Disabilities Administration

October 1, 2021

Distance Based Observation and Reporting

Attention Supported Living agency providers:

If you are supporting a client who is currently on a DDA Core Waiver receiving Residential Support Levels (RSL) 1-3 A or B, please read:

Due to the continued public health emergency, the DDA Waiver Assistive Technology benefit has expanded.  DDA Core Waiver clients receiving Residential Support Level 1-3 A or B have access to Assistive Technology goods and services when use of technology may increase independence, social engagement or safety. This is an added service and does not replace or change currently received services. Due to the pandemic-related challenges being experienced by Supported Living (SL) agencies, including the future staffing impact of the vaccination requirement, this temporary service can be added to offer additional support through a distance based observation care plan and use of technology equipment installed in the client’s home.  Supported Living agencies are currently developing emergency staffing plans, and this additional service may be one component that can be implemented as part of that plan.  

Assistive Technology (AT), now includes Distance Based Observation and Reporting (DBOR) to eligible clients. DBOR provides a person-centered assistive technology assessment, technology rental, and access to up to 24/7 call center support. This new service option is meant to assist clients who may benefit from distance based supports in addition to other services that are available to maintain safety and independence in their home.

Clients receiving Support Levels 1-3 A or B who are interested in adding on this temporary service should contact their Case Resource Manager to request this service option added to their Person- Centered Service Plan (PCSP). This is an opportunity to assist clients with trying assistive technology (at no cost to providers or clients) to support independence. Per Appendix K, currently, these added benefits are available for up to six months after the federal public health emergency ends. If this changes, clients, NSA’s, guardians, and providers will be notified.

Provider qualifications include Assistive Technology Distance Based Observation and Reporting Specialist and the agency must have a minimum of two years experience offering AT systems and remote monitoring or observation supports to HCBS enrolled participants. SafeinHome meets these requirements and is currently contracted with DDA. An example of SafeinHome DBOR services can be found here https://youtu.be/Wm4xZI_GNgI

SafeinHome website: https://www.safeinhome.com/

Expanded technology benefits are available when the identified need is related to impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Emergency Rule 388-845-2019 has also been updated to reflect these new flexibilities. Please review the new information added to the emergency rule.

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