N95 Information - Dear Provider Letter

Developmental Disabilities Administration

May 17, 2021


RCS has issued Provider/Administrator Letters for Licensed and Certified Residential Providers on an issue with BYD DE2322 RESPIRATORS.

The Department of Social and Health Services has learned that the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is  investigating a report regarding a quality issue related to loose straps with some BYD N95 DE2322 respirators.

NIOSH has not disqualified this mask for use at this time. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control recently updated their “Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of N95 Respirators” guidance. This guidance says “The strategy of using non-NIOSH approved respirators developed by manufacturers who are not NIOSH-approval holders was removed.”

Link to provider letters here: ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters | DSHS (wa.gov)

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