DDA 2021 Operating Budget Details

Developmental Disabilities Administration Staff Update

May 3, 2021

Dear Interested Stakeholder,

The 2021 Legislature convened on April 25, 2021 and submitted Senate Bill 5092 concerning the 2021 Operating budget to Governor Jay Inslee for signature. We were delighted with our state’s prioritization for services and supports for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. I am pleased to provide the budget’s highlights below:

  • Increase Individual and Family Services, Basic Plus, Core and Community Protection Waivers - Funding is provided to continue support for 923 slots on the Individual and Family Services waiver, to phase-in 467 slots for the Basic Plus waiver, continued support of three Community Protection waiver slots, and to phase-in 159 slots for the Core waiver. ($67.2M total funds; $30.9M GF-State; 37.4 FTE)
  • Remote Technology Support - Funding is provided for DDA to purchase approximately 4,394 devices to distribute to DDA clients and contracted providers, to help them utilize services remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. ($3.8M total funds; $1.5M GF-State)
  • Child Welfare for DD Foster Care Youth - Funding is provided to implement Second Substitute House Bill 1061 (child welfare/developmental disability), which adds a shared planning meeting for dependent youth who may be eligible for DDA services after transitioning to adulthood. ($1.3M total funds; $824,000 GF-State; 5.7 FTE)
  • Children’s State-Operated Living Alternative (SOLA) homes – Funding and staffing are provided for four new employees to serve a total of 12 children and youth age 20 and younger. Client placements will be phased in by June 2023. ($9.7M total funds; $4.6M GF-State; 46.8 FTE)
  • Dan Thompson Community Investments – State funds offset by receipt of the enhanced federal match through the American Rescue Plan Act will be reinvested one-time in community services for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. ($50M total funds)
  • No furloughs - There will be no state staff furloughs. Effective July 1, a 3 percent general wage increase for employees that had to forgo the scheduled increase on July 1, 2020, due to declining state revenues in the early stages of the pandemic. ($7.9M)
  • Juneteenth will be a new state paid holiday to commemorate the end of slavery. ($3.3M)
  • Temporary Provider Rate Increases - through December 2021, current rate add-ons remain in effect. ($65.1M; $18.7M GF-State)
  • Enhance Community Residential Rate – Rates for supported living and other community residential service providers are increased by 2% effective January 1, 2022, and by an additional 2% effective January 1, 2023. ($30.2M total funds; $14.9M GF-State)
  • PASRR Capacity Increase - Pre-admission Screening and Resident Review services are an entitlement for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities in nursing facilities. A current and projected increase in the caseload and per capita costs is in the budget. ($4.3M total funds; $1.8M GF-State)
  • Community Residential Options – Additional five, three-bed adult SOLA homes; 12 beds in supported living settings; and four beds in Adult Family Homes to expand community residential options for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities by the end of June 2023. ($10.3M total funds; $4.8 GF-State; 47.5 FTE)
  • Field Staff Vacancies - Through FY 2021, staff hiring has not kept pace with budget additions. As a result, ongoing funding and staffing reductions made in the 2021 supplemental budget to align more closely with actual experience are continued. (-$5.9M total funds; -$2.9 GF-State; -30.9 FTE)
  • Fircrest Nursing Facility - The design of a new 120-bed nursing facility on the Fircrest campus is funded as preparation for future construction. ($7.8M GF-State)
  • Residential Habilitation Center Fire Alarms - New fire alarms at Rainier and Fircrest schools (as well as Western State Hospital). ($5.0 GF-State)

In addition, the federal government granted authority for a 10% federal match increase on home and community-based services. The Legislature made some decisions already (see LEAP document), and directed OFM to make further decisions on project spending (see Section 738 of the Legislative conference budget bill). For more information on the federal 10% FMAP program, click here.

Thank you for everything you do to provide support and foster partnerships that empower people to live the lives they want. Be well.

If you have questions regarding the 2019-21 biennial budget or other results of the legislative session, please contact Luisa Parada Estrada.


Debbie Roberts

Assistant Secretary

DSHS: Transforming Lives

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