DDA/DRW Settlement Agreement- Policy update for SL, GH, and GTH impacting contract

Developmental Disabilities Administration

November 17, 2020

Developmental Disabilities Administration/Disability Rights of Washington Settlement Agreement - Policy Update for: Supported Living, Group Home, and Group Training Home Impacting Contract

DDA is amending the Residential Services and Support contract effective March 1, 2021.

The changes include:

  1. Updates and modifications to DDA Policy 4.02 - Community Residential Services: Referral, Acceptance, and Change in Residential Provider.
  2. A new policy in DDA’s policy manual designed to strengthen supports for clients in difficult situations: Client Critical Case Protocol (policy # TBD).
  3. Contract language updates that align with the new policies.

The policy changes are partly due to a settlement agreement DDA entered into with DRW. A copy of the settlement agreement and most recent draft of the policies is attached to this notice.

DDA already implemented many of the proposed system changes, and the settlement agreement formalizes the timeline and metrics around our strategies.

We want you to be informed about the settlement agreement signed by DDA and DRW. The draft documents are works in progress and may have additional changes before adoption as DDA and DRW satisfy their mutual goal of providing timely services.

DDA will continue working with DRW and residential provider representatives to finalize, implement and monitor these polices, ultimately allowing DDA to satisfy the terms of the settlement agreement. To ensure a smooth implementation, DDA will offer multiple training opportunities for providers and field services staff. We will announce dates by the end of the month.

The contract amendment will require signatures, but will not require providers to submit updated contracting paperwork. 

Settlement Agreement

Draft Supported Living Critical Case Protocol Policy 4.20

Draft Community Residential Services: Referral Acceptance, and Change in Residential Provider 4.02ppo

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