COVID-19 Residential Services Reporting Requirements and Data Collection

Developmental Disabilities Administration

April 1, 2020

Community Residential Data Collection

The Developmental Disabilities Administration is collecting data on suspected, presumed and confirmed COVID-19 cases for all DDA Community Residential Agencies. This data will be used for service planning and resource allocation, it also aligns with Residential Care Services reporting expectations.

Reporting Requirements

Reporting Requirements for Community Residential Agencies (Supported Living, SOLA, Group Homes, Group Training Homes and Licensed Staffed Residential)

Reporting to DDA:

  • Suspected Cases: Clients or staff who present with COVID-19 Symptoms: fever (100.4 or higher), new cough, or difficulty breathing,
  • Presumed Cases: Clients or staff who are schedule to test/tested for COVID-19 due to exposure or symptoms (Presumed)
  • Confirmed Cases: Clients or staff who test positive for COVID-19 (Confirmed)
    • How many other clients and staff may have been exposed?
    • Have isolation & quarantine efforts been implemented?
    • Has provider checked with infected staff to ensure any other employers have been notified?  

Additional Reporting Requirements:

Providers must report  suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 to their local health jurisdiction and to the Residential Care Services' Complaint Resolution Unit. An RCS Dear Provider letter related to this topic is forth coming.

For more COVID-19 related information, please see DDA Coronavirus Information Page and the state COVID-19 resource page.

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