Secure Email Changed

Developmental Disabilities Administration

January 3, 2020

Secure Email Changed Effective December 31, 2019.

Sending on Behalf of DSHS Technology Operations Center

Secure email service allows people to communicate confidentially with DSHS employees, business partners and clients. Secure email is to be used strictly for official business.

Recently, WaTech transitioned to a new vendor to provide encryption services for secure email. When a DSHS employee sends a secure email, the recipient will need to register with the new secure email service. Recipients will receive registration instructions upon first use.

Please see the DSHS guides below for more details regarding the new secure email system.

Secure Email Internal User Guide

Secure Email External User Guide

For questions contact the DSHS Technology Operations Center, at (888) 329-4773 or (360) 902-7700, or  To submit a customer service ticket, use the requests web-portal* or send the request to

*If an error message appears when clicking on requests web-portal  and the default web browser is set to internet explorer, open in chrome.


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