Preventing Flu and Pneumonia

Developmental Disabilities Administration

September 25, 2019

Care Provider Bulletin

Flu and Pneumonia Care Provider Bulletin

Care Providers can find information on flu and pneumonia in our Developmental Disabilities Administration Care Provider Bulletin including:

  • Symptoms
  • Groups at increased risk
  • Prevention tips
  • Treatment
  • Warning signs - when to seek medical attention
  • Resources

Adult Immunization Standards

Together, DSHS and the Department of Health are reminding everyone about the importance of resident and staff immunization to minimizie flu and pneumonia outbreaks.   

This letter provides information regarding standards for adult immunization, resources to help prepare for heightened flu activity, and who to contact if you suspect any communicable disease outbreak.

Department of Health Flu Update

The Department of Health offers regular updates on flu activity in Washington.  You can find flu clinics near you with the Flu Vaccine Finder.

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