Consumer Directed Employer Announcement

Developmental Disabilities Administration

August 22, 2019

Consumer Directed Employer Announcement

DSHS selected Consumer Direct Care Network and Public Partnerships Limited to serve as the consumer directed employers (CDEs) for Washington state. When operational, the CDEs will become the legal employer and provide administrative employment support for the approximate 43,000 individual providers caring for DSHS clients receiving in-home personal care. Clients will continue to select, schedule, and dismiss their individual providers.

The map shows coverage areas for each CDE. Public Partnerships Limited will serve CDE Area 1, and Consumer Direct Care Network will serve CDE Area 2.

The vendors demonstrate:

  • Clear commitment to consumer direction
  • Demonstrated success in paying more than 170,000 providers across 37 states
  • A proven electronic visit verification solution
  • A commitment to individual provider workforce development and retention
  • A customer service strategy that includes in-person and phone support across the state

Moving to a CDE model shifts the individual provider employment-related activities to the CDEs and helps DSHS increase capacity of DSHS/AAA case management, customer service, and other social services staff to focus on core, case-management activities.

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CDE Areas Map

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