New Certification Rate and Fee

Developmental Disabilities Administration Update

June 14, 2019

Dear Supported Living and Group Training Home providers,

Beginning July 1, 2019, a new cost center will be added to your daily rate to cover the cost of a new required certification fee for Supported Living and Group Training Homes, per Senate Bill 5359. The funds will appear in the admin/non-staff cost center.

  • For fiscal year 2020, the daily rate per client is $2.36.
  • For fiscal year 2021, the daily rate per client is $2.40.

You will see this in Exhibit C of your contract, in a new column named “Cert Rate.”

It is important for you to set aside this money as you will receive a bill for a certification fee every six months (January and July). The bill will be assessed at the following “per client day” fee:

  • Fiscal year 2020 is $2.31 per client per day.
  • Fiscal year 2021 and beyond is $2.35 per client per day.

For questions, contact your regional Resource Manager, or Valerie Kindschy, Residential Program Manager.

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