DDA Community Residential Services Training Update

Residential Service Providers Training & Information Updates

May 2019

Keeping current with training requirements

All staff working with clients in the following DDA residential programs must comply with the mandatory training requirements per RCW 74.39A:

  • Supported Living,
  • Group Homes,
  • Group Training Homes,
  • Children’s Licensed Staff Residential,
  • Alternative Living,
  • Companion Homes and
  • State Operated Living Alternative (SOLA).

Rules for the training requirements are contained in Chapter 388-829 WAC and additional standards for the adult residential programs are contained in Chapter 388-101D WAC.

Upcoming training opportunities

Train-the-trainer Calendar

Courses are available region-wide, monthly. Every other month the Residential 40-hour CORE and Train-the-trainer Continuing Education (CE) series interchange. 

40 hour CORE Train-the-Trainer to become a qualified trainer – Everett

June 24-28, 2019 (12 slots available per class)

  • Location: Volunteers of America, 2802 Broadway St., Everett
  • Trainer: Abby Schoppen and Matthias Austin
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Attendance is required the entire week to become a certified trainer.

Note - Parking IS PROHIBITED in spaces 1-16 facing the railroad tracks.

Train-the-Trainer CE Series

June 24-28, 2019 (12 slots per class available)

  • Location: Hampton Inn (Airport), 2110 S. Assembly Rd., Spokane
  • Trainer: Sarah Blanchette
  • Monday: Beyond Mandated Reporting
  • Tuesday: Generations in the Workplace/Unconscious Bias
  • Wednesday: Beyond First Aid: Recognizing and Responding to Medical Emergencies/How to Write a Curriculum
  • Thursday: Buzz for Adult Learning/Peer Coaching (Day 1)
  • Friday: Peer Coaching (Day 2)
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Technical Support Monthly Webinars

Please join us for the monthly Trainer Support Webinar. The webinars offer:

  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Clarifications on training requirements
  • Based on your requests, this webinar will review all the changes to the 40 hour CORE curriculum
  • Opportunities for live interaction with peers

Register now for the next webinar scheduled Friday, June 7, 1 – 3 p.m.

Curriculum Updates

40 hour CORE Curriculum: Videos

The 40-hour CORE curriculum was recently updated with new video links. The workgroup finished their project and updated curriculum on the website.If you have an old PowerPoint downloaded you will notice that the video links no longer work. Please visit the DDA Training Website and upload the newest Powerpoint version. The videos we kept contain new links and the videos removed have been replaced with approved curriculum.

Contact Sarah Blanchette for a summary of the changes.

Certificate Template Requirements

Please use the current certificate template, last updated in 2016. For copies of any certificate templates contact Sarah Blanchette.

Some online providers are unable to use our templates, however they are still required to meet the minimum standard. If you do not see these standards met, please scan a copy of the certificate and email it to Sarah Blanchette. DDA staff can contact the provider and request the certificates be reissued.

Curriculum Changes Ahead

Based on your feedback, this fall we are hosting workgroups to provide a larger update to our 40-hour CORE curriculum. The Developmental Disabilities Administration has grown and evolved, the curriculum needs to keep pace.

This is a large endeavor to review the entire 40-hour CORE curriculum and we need providers, self-advocates, DDA staff and other stakeholder voices in this process. If you are interested in participating, contact us. The process is slated to begin October 2019.

For other training opportunities and CE courses, please visit the DDA provider training opportunities page.

To announce training opportunities within your agency, contact Linda GilInclude the following information:

  • Title of training
  • Dates/times, location (with address)
  • Speaker/presenter
  • Contact information for training registration
  • Is this approved for CE?
  • Who can attend?

For all other training questions contact Sarah Blanchette, Residential Provider Training Manager.