DDA Rulemaking Notices

Rulemaking notices filed in the Washington State Register 

The following rulemaking notices have been filed with the Office of the Code Reviser and will appear in the Washington State Register.  

Proposed rulemaking (CR-102)

WSR 19-11-081 on WAC 388-823-0770, 388-823-1010, and 388-823-1015

The proposed amendments to these rules increase the amount of time an assessment may be used as evidence of developmental delays, clarify for internal Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) eligibility workers when an eligibility review is required for clients who are 19 years old, and clarify the definition of a “DDA-paid service.”

Hearing date: June 25, 2019


WSR 19-11-083 on WAC 388-828-9360

The proposed amendments to this rule allow short-term employment support to be authorized for a maximum of six months at a time rather than three months at a time.

Hearing date: June 25, 2019


Emergency rule adoption (CR-103E)

WSR 19-11-043 on WAC 388-845-1410

This emergency rule filing is necessary to keep the mass change enacted until the permanent rule below is effective.

Effective: May 10, 2019


Rule adoption order (CR-103P)

WSR 19-11-061 on WAC 388-845-1410

Amendments to this rule ensure that prevocational services are no longer available as of March 1, 2019. Prevocational services do not meet federal integration requirements under 42 C.F.R. 441.301(c)(4) for HCBS settings. DDA must enact this mass change to comply with the CMS-approved waiver amendments that eliminate prevocational services on the Basic Plus and Core waivers. DDA also amended this rule to replace “community access” with the service’s new name, “community inclusion.”

Effective: June 15, 2019

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