Lakeland Village Holds Final Celebration of CIRV Program

Developmental Disabilities Administration Update

May 1, 2019

Lakeland Village Holds Final Celebration of CIRV Program

The 50-year old College in Residence Volunteer (CIRV) program at Lakeland Village ends on June 30, 2019.

DSHS is searching for all former and current CIRV students. We want to honor all the participants and celebrate this amazing program with a BBQ/picnic at Waterfront Park near Lakeland Village in Medical Lake.

The program, which began in 1970 with ten students and grew to hosting more than 40 annually, provided a modified internship for eligible college students to work at the residential habilitation center in exchange for room and board. Generations of students spent 15 hours per week working with residents and supporting activities.

The majority of CIRV students attended Eastern Washington University, but the program also has been home to students from Whitworth University, community colleges of Spokane, Gonzaga University, and even Apollo College. A large number of interns have progressed through this program and many, including the assistant superintendent (Charlene Gentry) at Lakeland Village and the regional administrator, went on to pursue careers in the developmental disabilities field.

The CIRV program offered students a real-life opportunity in potential careers, such as recreational, physical, and speech therapy.

Although the program was very successful and it was a great enhancement to our residential habilitation center, it could not be sustained. Sadly, the campus is aging and in poor condition. The student apartments require repairs and upgrades that are too cost-prohibitive to pursue, resulting in the closure of this program. 

We will miss this valuable program and the students who graced our campus while supporting residents, staff and programs.  CIRVs will be missed but not forgotten. 

DSHS is honoring CIRV students at the final picnic this summer.

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