DD Ombuds Office

Developmental Disabilities Administration Update

May 6, 2019

Dear DDA Service Provider:

The Office of the Developmental Disabilities (DD) Ombuds investigates, monitors, reviews and reports on state services provided to persons with developmental disabilities.

You can work with the DD Ombuds to ensure that clients you support have access to this important advocacy service. The DD Ombuds may reach out to you to coordinate services or you can reach the DD Ombuds by calling 1-833-727-8900 or emailing info@ddombuds.org. The DD Ombuds may set up informational meetings for clients and their guardians to learn more about their advocacy services. You are encouraged to invite clients and their guardians, and attend yourself.

Access to Residents

Clients have the right to visitors in their own home, and that extends to visits with the DD Ombuds representatives for investigative, monitoring, or advocacy purposes. Clients also have the right to decline a visitor to their home.

Release of Information and Records

You are expected to be familiar with your obligations around sharing and maintaining confidential information. If you are unsure about these obligations, you are encouraged to consult your own legal counsel. If you have questions about this letter, please contact the DDA DD Ombuds Liaison, Heather Lum.

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