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Developmental Disabilities Administration Update

February 20, 2019

Consumer Directed Employer Announcement

On February 4, 2019, DSHS received bids from two vendors in response to the Consumer Directed Employer (CDE) Request for Proposals (RFP). After careful consideration, DSHS leadership has decided to cancel the current procurement. While both vendors have deep experience and solid footprints in the home care industry, more work must happen before moving forward.

The RFP was highly complex, and after reviewing the responses, it was clear that the bidders may not have fully understood all of the RFP requirements. Some response elements did not align with the business needs of DSHS or the needs of clients and Individual Providers. There are 37,000 DSHS consumers receiving personal care in their homes from more than 40,000 individual providers. Given the size and scope of this project, it is imperative for the CDE to understand and meet these critical needs.

The Department is not stopping work on the CDE project. DSHS remains committed to the CDE project and achieving the legislative objectives required by the passage of ESSB 6199 in the 2018 legislative session. Over the next few weeks, the Department will gather information and determine next steps to successfully implement a Consumer Directed Employer in Washington State.

For a project of this magnitude, it is not unusual to make adjustments based on new information or developments. DSHS has been working toward a July 1, 2020 CDE implementation date knowing the schedule could change. While the cancellation of the current RFP will result in changes to the schedule, there is more than enough time available to implement CDE before the July 1, 2021 date called out in ESSB 6199.

Thank you for your continued interest in the project. DSHS will continue to hold monthly webinars, and post materials to the website.

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