Corrected Group Training Home Application

Developmental Disabilities Administration Update

January 24, 2019

Dear Group Home and Group Training Home providers,

Are you interested in transitioning from Group Home to Group Training Home?

If so please follow this process:

  1. Complete and send the attached application to the address provided.
  2. If approved, you will receive confirmation from Residential Care Services. The letter will include the name of the local field manager you will need to notify to relinquish your license.
  3. You will follow the related WAC to relinquish your license as either an Adult Family Home or Assisted Living Facility, which will include a 30-day notification to clients.
  4. With notification to your local field manager include:
    1. Anticipated date to relinquish license.
    2. A template of the notification letter sent to the people you provide services.

Tip: When sending notification to clients and families please be as clear as possible about how this will affect them. For example -  they will not be required to move, their services will remain unchanged.

In addition, please email Valerie Kindschy when submitting your application.

For more information:

Contact us for questions or feedback.