DDA Community Residential Services Training Update

Residential Service Providers Training & Information Updates

November 2018

Keeping current with training requirements

In 2016 the training requirements related to Community Residential Services Businesses (RCW 74.39A) went into effect. These requirements include Supported Living, Group Homes and Group Training Homes.

WAC 388-829 includes all developmental disabilities contracted settings – the ones above plus Children’s Licensed Staff Residential, Alternative Living, and Companion Homes.

Upcoming training opportunities

Train-the-trainer Calendar

Courses are available region-wide, monthly. Every other month the Residential 40-hour CORE and Train-the-trainer Continuing Education (CE) series interchange. 

CE Series – Spokane, WA

December 10-14, 2018 (Only 6 slots left)

  • Monday: Beyond Mandated Reporting
  • Tuesday: Generations Training/Unconscious Bias
  • Wednesday: How to Build a Curriculum/Technical Support for Trainers
  • Thursday: Buzz for Adult Learning/Peer Coaching
  • Friday: Peer Coaching
  • Location: Hampton Inn and Suites (Board Room), 2010 S Assembly Rd. Spokane, WA 99224
  • Presenter: Sarah Blanchette
  • Register for CE Series by December 7, 2018  

Residential 40 hour CORE training – Lacey, WA

January 7-11, 2019 (Only 12 Slots available)

Technical Support Monthly Webinars

Please join us for the monthly Trainer Support Webinar. The webinars offer:

  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Updates on new training requirements
  • Training tips to help you be a better trainer
  • Opportunities for live interaction with providers

Register now for the next webinar scheduled Monday, December 28, 2018, 1:30 – 3:30 p.m.

Continuing Education Opportunities

Continuing Education (CE) credits need to be completed by December 31, 2018 for many direct support professionals within Community Residential Services. Several providers are seeking resources to help their employees complete requirements. Below are resources that you can take advantage in 2019 and in the 2019 CE calendar year.

Instructor-lead Training Opportunities for 2018/2019

DDA publishes instructor-led training opportunities offered within the residential provider community. Some of the courses are free, others require a fee. Read more on instructor-led training opportunities.

Reminder - all employees hired on or after January 1, 2016, need to complete Skills Acquisition Training (Chapter 12). If any employees have not completed this requirement, they need to do so by December 31, 2018. Employees who complete this training can earn 8 CE credit hours. Details below:

TITLE (Facilitator-Lead CE Courses)



RSC Chapter 12: Personal Care Skills Acquisition 8 CE1512591

Nicolette Christians and Laura O’Rourke offer a free CE training - 7 Module Series -Supporting Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Home and Community. Both Nicolette and Laura are experts in their field and offer a highly adaptable, comprehensive perspective on how to best support individuals with ASD. Each module is worth 3 CEs (earn up to 21 CEUs).

Classes begin in November - register early!

Online Training Resources

Free Online Continuing Education courses on the DDA website:

TITLE (Online CE Courses)



Encouraging and Supporting Community Engagement



Person Centered Perspective



Wellness Through the Ages



FA/PBS (Modules 1a-c)



FA/PBS (Modules 2a-b)



FA/PBS (Module 3)



FA/PBS (Module 4)



FA/PBS (Module 5)



Other Online Continuing Education Opportunities, (a fee may be required to complete these courses)

2019 Training Opportunities

Starting in 2019, the Community Residential Training Program will offer free CE seminars to trainers and direct support professionals together. The CE seminars will sponsor a different Community Instructor to provide essential skills, knowledge and strategies to best support individuals in our programs and our staff.

Human Trafficking Seminar

  • Wednesday, January 23, 2019 (50 Slots available)
  • Location: Lacey Community Center, 6729 Pacific Ave Olympia, WA 98503
  • Time: 9am-4pm (catered lunch)
  • CEUs: 8 CEs

Register for Human Trafficking Seminar by January 16, 2019  

Sarah's Corner

Creative Ways to Meet Training Requirements

We all know that balancing training demands and staffing schedules is challenging. Below are training strategies that can help decrease stress and help your training program meet training requirements more easefully.

Working Smarter, Not Harder: Using your Captive Audience

Do you have regularly scheduled staff meetings? One-to-one supervision? Try and build training into the already-scheduled meeting time with staff. A supervisor can set up DDA online training modules and push play, and the class can navigate the trainings together. Some modules for Functional Assessment/Positive Behavior Support Planning Series are 20 minutes long.

Access online training

Another idea is to hosting an agency trainer at a staff meeting. Ask the approved trainer to bring an approved DDA CE training course and teach your staff at least one time per quarter, or every other month. There are 1-2 hour CE trainings that could easily be done during a staff meeting.

Tracking Training

Trainers and training directors statewide are using organized documents to keep careful records of employee training. Many documents (including Excel) can filter reports. This can be a huge time saver. The tracking systems ensure a proactive approach to training so training requirements are met before their deadlines. a free excel tracking form to all trainers. Contact Sarah Blanchette for a sample of this excel tracking form.

Shared Accountability

Along with an organized tracking system, build regular training check-ins into your meetings. Share with your team what training opportunities are available and empower them to track their own training. Reward individuals and teams who meet training requirements early. 

For other training opportunities and CE courses, please visit the DDA provider training opportunities page.

To announce training opportunities within your agency, contact Linda GilInclude the following information in your email:

  • Title of training
  • Dates/times, location (with address)
  • Speaker/presenter
  • Contact information for training registration
  • Is this approved for CE?
  • Who can attend?

For all other training questions contact Sarah Blanchette, Residential Provider Training Manager.