Companion Home WAC Changes Effective December 7, 2018

Developmental Disabilities Administration Update

November 13, 2018

Dear Companion Home providers,

The revisions to the Companion Home rules, Chapter 388-829C WAC, have been filed and will be effective December 7, 2018.

Your Resource Manager will be contacting you if your evaluation is scheduled in January, February, or March 2019 to schedule a meeting to review the changes. Beginning January 1, 2019, all Companion Homes will be evaluated under the new rules.

The DDA Companion Home Program Manager will be scheduling training during the next several months for Companion Home providers, stakeholders, and DDA staff. Notifications of the training will be sent to you via this messaging system. 

The new rules are included for your review. You will notice that the document is in a format that shows the previous, removed, and new text. Here are some tips for reviewing the document:

Amendatory Sections:

  • Text that appears with a line through it will be removed
  • Text that is underlined is new and will be added
  • Text that is neither underlined or lined-through remains the same

New Sections:

  • All text in areas under “New Section” is new
  • No text is underlined in these sections, but is new text

More Information:

Please contact Kelly Hampton, Companion Home Program Manager, with questions. 

Contact us for questions or feedback.