Bainbridge Ferry Terminal Overhead Walkway February update

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Opening day of the new passenger walkway at Bainbridge Island shows passengers using the new structure.

These passengers are the first to use the new pedestrian walkway on Bainbridge Island after it opened on Monday, Feb. 5.

New passenger walkway to the ferry is open on Bainbridge Island

Seattle-bound passengers on the 8:45 a.m. sailing from Bainbridge Island on Monday, Feb. 5 were the first to use the new overhead pedestrian walkway. Work to build it began in summer 2022. The seismically safe steel-fortified walkway is set on concrete and steel columns, replacing the 50-year-old wood-supported walkway that was vulnerable in an earthquake. The wider, ADA-compliant structure offers a more direct route to the ferry and features benches, heaters, and windows along both sides for unbeatable views. 

A look inside the new walkway at Bainbridge Island moments before it opens on Feb. 5.

An look inside the new overhead walkway moments before it opened on Monday, Feb. 5. The divider shown here between arriving and departing passengers is temprary while crews install the permanent one.

Aerial view of new pedestrian walkway at Bainbridge Island

A look at the walkway from above. The old walkway (gray roof) is slated to be demolished now that the new one is open.

This is a milestone in the project. Finishing work continues inside the walkway, and demolition of the old walkway has begun. The project should be complete in the next few months. 

Thanks to our passengers for their patience throughout construction. You can look back on all that in the photos here. We hope you enjoy the new and much improved walkway. 

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