Bainbridge Ferry Terminal Overhead Walkway September update

newsletter headerWalkway spans 1 and 2 at Bainbridge Island ferry terminal

The new walkway structure is in place at the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal. Spans 1 and 2, shown above, are those nearest the terminal building. They are joined and were set as one piece.

Spans are in place for new pedestrian walkway and normal ferry service returns Sept. 13 as planned

The spans for the new pedestrian walkway at Bainbridge Island have been set in place. Over six days, crews received these four massive structures by barge (photo below) and, one by one, transported them from the barge into the holding area, lining them up beside their final installation locations. Spans 1 and 2 were set as one. They make up the first part of the walkway from the terminal. Span three is next and span four is the one nearest the ferry slip. 

Regular service resumes as planned on Wednesday, Sept. 13. 

There's more work to do. The new walkway will be built out with windows, roofing, seating and infrared heaters. It is scheduled to open in late fall. 

Thanks to all our passengers, including drivers and cyclists, who made it through this six-day closure. Below are some highlights of the work to get these structures onto their concrete footings. You can also view more photos and a time-lapse video of the work. 

Span three of the new walkway set in place.

Span 3 is the widest of the four spans. It was set first but is in the middle section of the walkway.

Span 4 of the new walkway at Bainbridge Island

Span 4, seen here, is the shortest one and it's the one closest to the ferry slip.

aerial view of all spans set in place

And here's the aerial view of all the spans set in place and the holding area cleared of cranes and equipment so vehicle service can resume on the Seattle/Bainbridge route.

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