Bainbridge Ferry Terminal Overhead Walkway August update

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Aerial shot of progress on new walkway at Bainbridge Island terminal

In September, crews and cranes will lift four large bridge spans and install them onto the concrete piers visible in white here between the current walkway and the exit/entry lanes. To safely carry out this work, the entire holding and loading/offloading area at the Bainbridge Island terminal becomes a construction and staging zone.

Third boat on Edmonds/Kingston route during September Bainbridge vehicle closure

As crewing and vessel availability allows, we will provide partial daily additional service on our Edmonds/Kingston route during the September closure to vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles on our Seattle/Bainbridge run. 

Because we’re operating our Seattle/Bainbridge route on a one-boat sailing schedule during that time, the second boat is available to provide unscheduled service as a third boat on our Edmonds/Kingston run. It will operate around the current two-boat schedule there to handle additional vehicle traffic traveling to or from Bainbridge Island and the Kitsap Peninsula. 

Closeup image of footing for the new pedestrian walkway

One of four bridge spans that make up the new walkway will be installed onto this footing in September. Compare this footing to the timber footings of the old walkway, visible behind it.

More details about the Sept. 7-13 vehicle closure on Seattle/Bainbridge route

Since April, we've shared news of the September closure of vehicle service on our Seattle/Bainbridge route to allow crews to set the bridge spans in place for the new pedestrian walkway. Over six days, cranes will lower four large bridge spans, totaling 338 feet in length, onto their footings (shown in the above photo). This work will take over the entire holding area from the water to the toll booths. As a result, there will be no service for vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and scooters from 1 a.m. Sept. 7 until 3 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 13. We will resume vehicle service earlier if work wraps up sooner. 

We will accommodate emergency medical vehicles, in coordination with local emergency services. As mentioned above, ferry service will operate on a one-boat sailing schedule. We will use the existing walkway to load only walk-on and ADA passengers. Staff will be on hand to assist with the additional passenger foot traffic.

For answers to questions about this closure, we have posted FAQs along with a construction graphic on the project website. Please help spread the word by sharing this newsletter and this subscriber link with others who use this route. 

Graphic showing lanes in and out of Colman Dock

With Alaskan Way re-opened at Colman Dock, vehicles enter the ferry terminal at Yesler Way (no longer from Pier 48). Two northbound lanes turn into the tollbooths at Yesler Way. This map shows the final configuration and lane assignments in and out of the terminal at Colman Dock. Map courtesy of

 Access to Colman Dock has moved to Alaskan Way

Vehicles can now use two left lanes on northbound Alaskan Way to turn into Colman Dock at Yesler Way, as shown above. Find more directions on the Seattle terminal page

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