Bainbridge Ferry Terminal Overhead Walkway June update

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What passengers can expect when the new walkway opens

The new passenger walkway will be more spacious and comfortable for passengers as they await the ferry. A divider will separate boarding and departing passengers.

Plan for walk-on only service between Seattle and Bainbridge Island Sept. 7-13 for walkway construction

If you've ever built a new home or remodeled one or maybe made a major career change, you've probably reached a point -- maybe midway -- where you've wondered why it has to be so difficult. And then, with the end in view, it becomes clear: You endured this short-term pain for a lasting benefit. 

Installation of the new walkway at Bainbridge Island will be that difficult part for our drive-on passengers. There will be no ferry service for vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and scooters from 1 a.m. Sept. 7 until 3 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 13 when the entire holding area becomes a construction zone as crew and cranes lower four large bridge spans -- totaling 338 feet in length -- onto their footings. See the construction graphic and more on the project website.

Pedestrian walkway span to be installed at Bainbridge Island ferry terminal

This is one of four bridge spans that will make up the new walkway at the Bainbridge ferry terminal. Cranes will lift and lower them into place this September.

One-boat sailing schedule

Ferry service will operate on a one-boat sailing schedule and we'll use the existing walkway to load only walk-on and ADA passengers. Staff will be on hand to assist with the additional passenger foot traffic. We will accommodate emergency medical vehicles, in coordination with local emergency services. 

We understand the challenge this poses for passengers and we've done our best to compress the work into the shortest timeframe while keeping regular service for nearly all of construction. The benefit to all will be a seismically safer and more comfortable heated walkway for passengers that's set to open later this year. 

Alternate routes for drivers
We encourage people who normally drive aboard to walk on and use public transit in Seattle or Bainbridge Island. If you need to drive during this time, plan ahead to use one of these alternate routes: 

We're exploring additional service options on our other routes and will release that information soon. We'll base that decision on crewing availability and the service restoration plan. 

Big parking squeeze

Results from our recent survey indicate that many people plan to park at the Bainbridge Island terminal to walk on the ferry. Please be aware that parking will get tight. WSF's lot has 86 spaces, including 10 ADA stalls. Expect stiff competition for those spots. Adjacent paid parking lots offer more options. Kitsap Transit park and ride lots offer about 150 spaces. The streets of downtown Winslow are off limits to commuter parking. 

Options for cyclists

Cyclists who want to store their bikes for use on either side of the route can use the Kitsap Transit Bike Barn that has 79 indoor and 33 outdoor bike parking spaces. We will provide a secure bike lock up area on the Seattle side. Or check into bike lockers. Another option is to walk on and use bike share in Seattle. 

Find answers to common questions about this closure on the project website FAQs. See project photos on the Flickr page. Please help spread the word by sharing this newsletter and this subscriber link with others who use this route.  

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