Bainbridge Ferry Terminal Overhead Walkway Project update

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aerial view of overhead walkway

Crews will start driving support piles next week for the new walkway. This graphic shows the path of that walkway and, therefore, the areas where these support piles will be installed. The work continues through mid-November.

Pile driving starts next week and continues through mid-November

Work crews will begin driving support pilings for the new overhead walkway on Monday, Oct. 10. A crane arrives this week and will be set in place to drive the first piles near where the portion of the existing walkway (in lime green above) meets the future walkway (dark gray section). Then crews will move up from the shore to drive piles along the route of the new walkway. This work will continue until mid-November.

Both vibratory and impact hammers will be used to drive the piles. To reduce noise for ferry passengers during impact hammering, crews will do this work between sailings. Even so, there will be more noise and dust in the area at times along with possibly the smell of creosote as the old piles are pulled and hauled away.

These changes remain in place through November:

  • Slip 2 continues as the primary slip. 
  • Vehicle exit lanes continue to be realigned. 
  • Vehicles are held in lanes 1-15 in the upper holding area.
  • Motorcycles stage in the lower trestle lane 5 and bicycles in lane 6.
Old section of pedestrian walkway demolition

The old section of the walkway that the new temporary one (shown at right) replaced has been demolished to make way for the new permanent structure.

After crews diverted walk-on traffic to a 100-foot section of a new walkway in mid-September, they demolished the old portion it replaced. This photo provides a good look at that work from ground level.

The new walkway is scheduled to be complete in early 2024. It will provide a wider, safer, more direct route to and from the ferry. For more information on this project, watch a short video, see more photos and renderings and the project website.

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