Bainbridge Ferry Terminal Overhead Walkway Project update

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slip and lane changes at Bainbridge terminal Aug. 8-16

Slip 2 will be the primary slip at the Bainbridge ferry terminal Aug. 8-16 as crews assemble a walkway span and move a crane onsite. This reduces holding space by about 40 vehicles during that time.

Changes for drive-on passengers at Bainbridge Island start next week

As crews expand the work zone at the Bainbridge ferry terminal, drive-on passengers, bicycles, and motorcycles will see changes in the exit and holding lanes from Aug. 8-16. Please be aware of these changes when you arrive at the Bainbridge terminal on Monday, Aug. 8:

  • Slip 2 will be the primary operations slip.
  • Slip 1 will be used only to access and offload the last sailing at night and to load the first sailing in the morning for the # 2 vessel each day.
  • Vehicle exit lanes will be realigned as shown on graphic above. 
  • Vehicle staging area will be reduced by 40 vehicles. All vehicles will be held in lanes 1-15 in the upper holding area.
  • Motorcycles stage in the lower trestle lane 5.
  • Bicycles stage in the lower trestle lane 6.

Find a larger version of the above map here

Interior view of the new walkway under construction at Bainbridge Island.

A look at what the new walkway will look like and the added spaced (and views!) for passengers who use it.

These lane changes are necessary to allow crews to assemble a 100-foot temporary walkway, bring a crane onsite to position it, and tie into the existing walkway. This walkway will be in use as crews build the new permanent walkway alongside it. It's one of the workarounds of building a new structure at a busy ferry terminal. There will be a second crane in the water nearby driving piles to support this temporary walkway. 

The new walkway, built to current seismic standards, is scheduled to be complete in early 2024. These links take you to more information and photos of the project.

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