Bainbridge Ferry Terminal Overhead Walkway Project update

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access map for Bainbridge terminal showing bike and pedestrian routes

This access map shows work zones and access routes for users of the Bainbridge ferry terminal.

Construction work brings changes for pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles

Construction crews are onsite at the Bainbridge Island terminal to replace the overhead walkway leading to the ferry. That means changes for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists, along with intermittent lane reductions. The first lane reduction will happen the week of July 11 as crews remove part of the barrier between the exit lanes and lane 1.

The pedestrian ramp and stairs leading to the current overhead loading structure will be closed starting July 18 to create a construction work zone. All pedestrians must use the enclosed overhead walkway to board and exit the ferry throughout construction. The green line above shows the pedestrian route, which is a change for many. 

All cyclists must use the designated bike lane (above in blue) to access and board the ferry. Bikes will stage and board from lane 6. The area below the terminal building where the bike rack was located will be closed on July 11. That bike rack has been moved to the eastern part of the parking lot near the motorcycle parking. 

Motorcycles will use lane 5 to stage and board. Please follow terminal staff's direction. 

Bainbridge passenger walkway interior

An image of the new covered pedestrian walkway that will lead from the terminal building to the ferry.

We understand this is a change in routine for many of our commuters. It is necessary to build the new wider and safer walkway that will be a big upgrade to the existing one that's showing its 50+ years. The new walkway, built to current seismic standards, is scheduled to be complete in early 2024. These links take you to more information and photos of the project.

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