Walk and Roll: WSDOT Active Transportation Update April 27, 2020


Most recent edition: April 13, 2020



Safe Routes to School and Pedestrian/Bicycle Program Call for Projects

Webinar May 5, 2-4pm

WSDOT Active Transportation Division is pleased to announce a call for projects for the Pedestrian and Bicyclist Program and the Safe Routes to School Program. All public agencies, including tribal governments, are eligible to apply. Applications for the Pedestrian and Bicyclist Program are due July 13, 2020 and applications for the Safe Routes to School Program are due on July 20, 2020.

For the 2021-23 biennium funding for these programs is anticipated to be approximately $18 million for the Pedestrian and Bicyclist Program and $19 million for the Safe Routes to School Program. As always, the actual funding amounts will be determined by the legislature.

A webinar about the programs and process is scheduled for May 5, 2020 from 2-4pm. It will include an overview of each program’s goals and evaluation criteria. The webinar will also review eligible project elements and the online portion of the application.


Words Matter: Effective Vision Zero Messaging

Webinar May 5, 11am-noon

If you've been a subscriber to this email for a while you've read the multimodal usage tips we share every so often. May 5 Barb Chamberlain, Director of WSDOT's Active Transportation Division, will present on language used in transportation safety work in a webinar hosted by the Vision Zero Network. Register here.


COVID-19 and Active Transportation

We will continue to include this topical round-up in each edition. This news round-up isn’t exhaustive, but gives you an idea of the conversation playing out. We'll adjust headings over time as themes emerge and evolve. Earlier round-up: April 13, 2020 edition.

Resources for Washington State

Infrastructure Responses



USA--Cities and States

Washington State

Resilience and Recovery




National and Local/Regional Surveys on COVID-19 and Active Transportation


Rails-to-Trails Seeks Trail Project Plans

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy invites trail organizations and jurisdictions to send existing trail and/or active transportation plans with "ready-to-go" investments. WSDOT Active Transportation Division has been seeking this same information to include in the State Active Transportation Plan as part of a conceptual statewide bikeway network linking the US Bicycle Routes, regional trails, and population centers.

If your trail group submits information to RTC, they suggest you use the case study format you'll find in descriptions on their website. They note that job creation from trail projects is estimated at 17 full-time equivalent jobs per $1 million spent, according to a study commissioned by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) on American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) job creation.

If you send information on your trail project to RTC, we invite you to cc WSDOTactive@wsdot.wa.gov so we can add it to what we've received from jurisdictions that responded to our request earlier this spring. You'll have the chance to comment on the conceptual Washington State Bikeways Network when the draft plan comes out for public review and feedback later this spring.



We add new trainings as we find them so the list changes with every issue. Some of these offer continuing education credits. All times are shown in Pacific time zone. 

All webinars listed are FREE unless a price is noted. All items are webinars unless a location is noted.



Planning Ahead


  • RCO grants: Deadline May 1 for several programs including Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP- Recreation; WWRP Habitat; WWRP Forestland; WWRP Farmland). A separate application will be due Nov. 1 for programs including the Recreational Trails Program.
  • WSDOT Pedestrian/Bicyclist Program GrantsDeadline July 13
  • WSDOT Safe Routes to School GrantsDeadline July 20
  • USDOT TIFIA Rural Project Initiative loans can be used to construct pedestrian/bicyclist infrastructure
  • Have any funding opportunities people should know about? Send to barb.chamberlain@wsdot.wa.gov



  • Division Connects, Spokane: Study on the Division Street corridor
  • Children of the Sun Trail, Spokane: Planning efforts for the section of the NSC Children of the Sun Trail south of the Spokane River to the I 90 vicinity are ramping up. Engage in the process of determining the trail location and development of public space in and around the NSC. Visit NSCPlace.com for upcoming workshops, public surveys, and emerging concepts.
  • E-bike use in National Wildlife Refuge System: Federal regulations proposed to permit e-bike use. Learn more in AASHTO article, federal regulation notice. Submit comments by June 8, 2020.
  • Benton-Franklin COG Active Transportation Plan: Provide input.
  • Looking for a WSDOT project to check on status, get email updates, attend an open house? Start here.

Have an upcoming project, open house, public comment opportunity? Construction projects people should know about as they relate to biking/walking? Compliments on a project? Send to barb.chamberlain@wsdot.wa.gov


  • StreetSmart invites submission of published resources on integrating health in transportation by May 15 for a clearinghouse being developed with the Institute of Transportation Engineers. Account creation required to submit; ITE members will use their member login.


  • Share your e-bike story: Invitation from Cascade Bicycle Club.
  • E-Bike Study: If you have an electric bike powered by a Bosch system you're invited to participate in a National Science Foundation study of mobility by e-bike. Depending on which type of display your e-bike has, when you fill out the application you'll learn whether you meet the study criteria. More information.
  • ITE Pedestrian Demand Survey: On behalf of the ITE Bicycle & Pedestrian Standing Committee, asks for information about crossings where before and after counts have been performed. Respondents will receive summary or link to completed results. Google account required to complete survey; for email option contact Mike Hendrix at mike.hendrix@perteet.com.
  • Does your city/town have bicycle traffic signals? Add to the crowdsourced tracking spreadsheet of cities in North America

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