Vaccine Blurbs Issue 216: Prepare Now for Provider Agreement Renewals


Washington State Department of Health | February 1, 2024

Provider Agreement Renewals Begin March 1st

It is that time of year again to prepare to renew your Childhood Vaccine Program provider agreement in the IIS. Beginning on March 1st, some counties will be required to renew their provider agreement to continue participation in the Childhood Vaccine Program. We have many resources available to help you with this process including:

If you haven't yet, please ensure your clinic is ready to renew by ensuring:

  • your thermometer calibrations are up to date.
  • you've gathered your practice profile data for 2023 which includes the number of children served in your clinic by age range and eligibility status.
  • your primary and backup vaccine coordinators have completed the required annual You Call the Shots training modules listed below.

Complete Annual Training

Prepare now for provider agreement renewals by completing the two You Call the Shots courses that are required annually for all primary and backup vaccine coordinators. Follow these instructions to complete the courses, then take the post-test and course evaluation through the CDC TRAIN site. After successfully completing these steps, you will receive a training certificate. These training certificates should be kept with all other program documentation in your Childhood Vaccine Program binder or files.  

When searching the course catalog in TRAIN, please use the course numbers shown above to ensure you complete the correct courses. Please do not complete the You Call the Shots AUDIT ONLY VERSION trainings like the one shown below.

YCTS incorrect training link image

CVP Provider Training Series

Please join us Thursday, February 15, 2024 to learn how to renew your Childhood Vaccine Program provider agreement in the IIS. The renewal season begins on March 1st for some counties!

Topic: Provider Agreement Renewal Process

Date: February 15, 2024
Time: 12 noon
Intended Audience: Providers and Vaccine Coordinators for the Childhood Vaccine Program

Join the Training Session
Webinar ID: 851 4240 2545
Passcode: 673609

IIS Bugs Affecting Lot Decrementing & Patient Detail Report

The IIS recently experienced an issue that prevented vaccine doses from automatically subtracting from inventory between January 24th 7pm PST and January 30th 7pm PST. This problem occurred when immunization events were reported electronically from your electronic health record (EHR) system. Our IIS technology vendor is currently working on correcting this issue. Records reported to the IIS through direct data entry were not affected.

We understand the potential impacts on monthly accountability reporting for providers who participate in our state childhood and adult vaccine programs. We advise you to manually adjust inventory if needed, re-send HL7 messages for those specific dates above, or manually update the patient records affected to decrement the doses from inventory.

We will continue to share updates through our various distribution lists, including the IIS Data Exchange list, the IIS Newsletter, and Vaccine Blurbs.

Additionally, there is a new known issue with running the Patient Detail Report 'By Service'. Our vendor is working on a resolution, however, generating the report 'By Ownership' may be an effective workaround until this bug is fixed. We recognize some providers have patient ownership blocked in the IIS so this may not be an ideal solution for all.

We know these issues present challenges for many providers, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this issue with our vendor.

Upcoming WAIIS Training

Date: March 12, 2024

Time: 11:00 a.m.

Topic: WAIIS Enrollment and Digital Information Sharing Agreements

Intended Audience: Providers, IIS Users

Register here 

Immunize WA

Immunize WA HPV logo

The Health Plan Partnership, a cooperative alliance of the Department of Health (DOH), Health Care Authority, HPV Free Task Force, Within Reach, and all the major health plans in Washington, is excited to announce a new award level for the Immunize WA provider recognition program. The new award level in Immunize WA will be for 9- and 10-year-olds for dose initiation of HPV vaccine.

The Immunize WA awards will celebrate its 10-year anniversary in 2024 recognizing clinics that achieve immunization coverage criteria for childhood, adolescents, and now 9 & 10 years for HPV dose initiation.

One year ago, the Washington Immunization Information System forecasting changed to reflect that 9- and 10-year-olds are due for HPV vaccine. Many clinics have embraced this change and started making a strong recommendation to this age group. The new award level criteria will be for clinics that have 25% or higher for one dose of HPV in this age group and will not have a gold, silver, or bronze level but reflect cancer prevention tag on certificates and window clings.

The 2024 award levels providers must self-nominate starting in June, awards will be announced in August during National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM). More information will be provided in future communications. Want to check your immunization rates? Please go to the Immunize WA web page for information on what series and age groups to measure. Here is a short video on how to run coverage rate reports, you can select any age group/series.

Want to improve immunization rates, please email We have three options that include continuing education and/or Maintenance of Certification Part IV for pediatricians and family practitioners.

Clinical Corner

Reminder: Seasonal RSV vaccine for pregnant people to stop Jan 31st

CDC released a statement last week to remind providers to end seasonal administration of Abrysvo for pregnant people as of January 31 in most of the continental United States, including Washington State.

Abrysvo will not be available for ordering for pregnant teens from the Washington Childhood Vaccine Program on February 1. Coverage of Abrysvo for pregnant people after January 31 may vary depending on insurance plan coverage. In most of the continental United States, Abrysvo should be given to pregnant people from September 1 through January 31, regardless of seasonal variations in RSV circulation every year, when infants would be born during increased RSV activity, and the vaccine would provide the most benefit to the infant.

For infants less than 8 months born to unvaccinated pregnant persons, healthcare providers should continue to give nirsevimab from February through March 31. Healthcare providers can administer nirsevimab outside of this timeframe based on local RSV circulation data.

CDC just released a message regarding RSV vaccination errors in young children and pregnant people

There have been reports of Pfizer (Abrysvo) or GSK (Arexv) RSV vaccines being administered in error to young children. They have also gotten reports of pregnant people getting GSK RSV (Arexvy). This message provides guidance on how to respond to these errors to ensure the best protection against RSV is maintained. Once the administration error is identified it is always important to notify the patient of the error, report the error in VAERS, and explore ways with your team to prevent the vaccination administration error from occurring in the future. You can find the full message here.

V-Safe is open again!

V-safe is a valuable safety monitoring tool that was used during the initial COVID-19 vaccination efforts. It has been updated and now is available for people who receive the 2023-2024 COVID-19 vaccine. When enrolled, participants will receive health check-ins via test or email after vaccination. The personal information collected is protected and the information regarding the person’s experience with the COVID-19 vaccines helps the CDC monitor the safety of the vaccines. You can find our more about vSAFE t the following link: V-safe Print Materials | CDC

For questions about the immunization schedule, the Immunization Information System forecast, or any other immunization clinical questions, please send an email to Check out the Immunization Training web page for more resources and training opportunities.

Helpful Hints

Vaccine Returns Reminder

McKesson, CDC’s centralized distributor, accepts and processes returns for all vaccines – those shipped by McKesson and direct-ship frozen vaccines. 

This includes:

  • Routine VFC/317/state/CHIP vaccine
  • Flu vaccine
  • Routine COVID-19 vaccine
  • Direct-ship vaccine from Merck
  • Direct-ship COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer

To learn more, visit the Online Vaccine Returns Guide