Vaccine Blurbs Issue 214: Join Us Thursday for a CVP Training Session


Washington State Department of Health | January 17, 2024

CVP Training Series this Thursday

Please join us this Thursday, January 18th at noon to learn how to navigate our new system to submit temperature logs and temperature excursion information in REDcap. This training will be similar to the November session, but a good refresher with some new information too!

Topic: REDCap Refresher - Submitting Temperature Logs and Reporting Temperature Excursions

Date: January 18, 2024
Time: 12 noon
Intended Audience: Providers and Vaccine Coordinators for the Childhood Vaccine Program

Join the Training Session
Webinar ID: 851 4240 2545
Passcode: 673609

RSV Product Update


Additional doses of nirsevimab remain available for ordering. All providers should have the RSV order set available in the IIS and have the ability to place orders. Order cut off is 11:00am on Wednesday for review and approval each week. Ordering will remain open so long as product is available. Use the vaccine advertisement tool in the WAIIS to advertise doses you aren't using, or to search for available doses for transfer. Find directions on using the tool here.


Abrysvo is the RSV product available for pregnant teens between 32-36 weeks gestation during this RSV season. This product is limited and available to order in your routine childhood order sets. Please keep in mind that any order for this product should include a comment to demonstrate the need for this product. We request that this product only be ordered if you have an eligible patient in need of this vaccine, it is not required to be ordered by every clinic.

Remember to Submit Your Temperature Logs Separately in REDCap

When you upload your monthly temperature logs in REDCap, please be sure to only include the temperature logs for each individual unit. If you have your temperature logs scanned as a single file (i.e., fridge and freezer combined), you will need to separate them so they can be uploaded to the correct storage unit. This allows your Provider Support Specialist to quickly review the temperature logs for each individual unit. Thank you!

Digital Data Logger (DDL) Reports

Thank you to everyone for submitting your December temperature logs in REDCap. As a reminder, most providers will still need to submit monthly paper temperature logs unless they meet the CDC/Childhood Vaccine Program (CVP) reporting requirements outlined below for submitting monthly, digital temperature summary reports. The CDC/CVP requires that reports include staff initials for the daily min/max temperature check, showing that a manual audit of vaccine temperatures was performed. Most providers find that their system is unable to generate reports with staff initials included. If you previously submitted temperature summary reports for the COVID-19 program, you will need to meet the more stringent CDC/CVP requirements and have your reports pre-approved. Providers whose digital data logger (DDL) or temperature monitoring system (TMS) reports do not meet the reporting requirements must continue to submit monthly paper temperature logs in REDCap. Please refer to the Temperature Reporting Guide for more information.  

Providers wishing to obtain program approval must submit a copy of their report to for review. To be considered for approval, DDL and TMS summary reports must contain the following as required by CDC’s Vaccines for Children Program.

  • Min/max temperature check once per day
  • Time and date of reading
  • Name or initials of staff member who recorded the reading.
DDL report

Coming soon to the Washington IIS

A Single Sign-On (SSO) process will be implemented in the first quarter of 2024 to improve accessibility and ease of login to the IIS. IIS users will no longer be required to manually login to the IIS each time they access the system. IIS users will need to establish a Single Sign-On (SSO) link initially between SAW and their IIS user account. Instructions can be found here. Click here for guidance on creating SAW accounts.

Contact the IIS Help Desk at 1-800-325-5599 or for assistance with your IIS user account. Click ‘GET HELP’ on the SecureAccess Washington login page for SAW account support.

FluMist Replacement Program

This message is to inform you of the FluMist Replacement Program for product ordered through the Childhood Vaccine Program. The Replacement Program allows for the replacement of unused, expiring FluMist doses, at no cost, to help you maximize product usage opportunities. AstraZeneca has contracted with McKesson Specialty Health (MSH) for implementation of this Replacement Program. This contract is between AstraZeneca and McKesson.

If providers would like to take advantage of this replacement program, they can contact the AstraZeneca Replacement Program by phone or by email, as detailed in the instructions found in the flyer.

Eligibility Guidelines are described below, and requests for replacements can be made between Monday, December 4 and Wednesday, January 31.   

  • Doses must have been ordered through the Childhood Vaccine Program. Private doses are not eligible for the FluMist® Quadrivalent Replacement Program for CDC.
  • Product expiration date must be on or before February 2, 2024.
  • AstraZeneca will replace expired doses of FluMist® Quadrivalent while supplies last.

For questions about this program, please contact the FluMist® Quadrivalent Replacement Program for CDC at 1-877-633-7375 or

Important Dates to Remember:

Monday December 4, 2023

First day to make replacement request

No more than 15 days prior to the expiration date

Request to replace expiring doses can be made

Wednesday January 31, 2024

Last day to make replacement request

Thursday February 15, 2024

All expired doses must be received at MSH Distribution Center for replacement


Clinical Corner

Updated CDC Immunization Schedule Resources Now Available

There are several resources now available from the CDC Immunization Schedule Recommendations. The 2024 immunization schedules can be downloaded here. There is also an app available for downloading to a device to have immediate access to all CDC recommended immunization schedules and footnotes here. Finally, has the updated laminated CDC immunization schedules available for purchase on their website here

WA-CHIP Immunization Learning Collaborative

The Immunization Learning Collaborative helps clinics implement meaningful, feasible and sustained focus on childhood and adolescent vaccines, with MOC part 4 credit and CME credits available. Our initiative also includes an equity lens to support each participating clinic to identify health care gaps for their patient population by race, ethnicity, and language.

If you are interested in joining WCAAP’s upcoming Immunization Learning Collaborative for Cohort 6, please contact Marina Martinez to secure your place or to learn more, don’t miss this opportunity for support. Check out our recruitment flyer for additional details.

Unity Consortium provides new program to address vaccine hesitancy

The 3Cs educational program  offered by unity Consortium helps healthcare providers offer Confident, Concise, and consistent recommendations for all ACIP recommended vaccines for adolescents and adults. It is a self-guided program with videos of healthcare providers answering questions and concerns. You can find more information about this valuable resource at the following link: 3Cs - Unity Consortium (

For questions about the immunization schedule, the Immunization Information System forecast, or any other immunization clinical questions, please send an email to Check out the Immunization Training web page for more resources and training opportunities.

Helpful Hints

Changes for Nirsevimab in the Washington IIS

The IIS and many EHRs automatically deduplicate records of more than one dose of the same immunization product administered on the same day to the same patient. The Washington IIS has been updated to allow two doses of Nirsevimab to be recorded for the same date for the same patient up to 20 months of age. Click here for an updated reference guide for documenting Nirsevimab in the WAIIS.

COVID Vaccine Returns for Expired BUDs

Providers will be able to return COVID vaccines (2023-2024) with expired BUDs by choosing the category "Spoiled" and the reason "Cold Chain not maintained during shipment".  

We are currently working on updating the reason title in the IIS to a more suitable name, and we will let you know once the change is completed.