Vaccine Blurbs Special Edition Issue 213: Inclement Weather Causing Shipping Delays


Washington State Department of Health | January 9, 2024

Expect Shipping Delays

Inclement weather across the country is causing shipping delays this week. The distributor is holding all childhood vaccine program orders for the state of Washington due to extreme weather conditions for shipments due to be delivered on January 10th. 

We will provide more information as we get updates. Thank you for your understanding.

Changes to Warm Temperature Monitors in Refrigerated Vaccine Shipments

Beginning this week, the McKesson Distribution Center will temporarily begin shipping refrigerated coolers using one of two different warm temperature monitors. Coolers may contain the familiar 3M monitor or may contain a new monitor called SpotSee.  Both monitors serve the same purpose, and both have been thoroughly tested for effectiveness. Providers will not receive both monitors in the same cooler.

Please ensure that you follow the same process for checking for any temperature excursions and follow the directions on the information card specific to the monitor received. This temporary change in temperature monitors will be in place until approximately February 1st when a new and improved temperature monitor will be used for refrigerated shipments. More information will be shared via the Vaccine Blurbs when the new temperature monitors begin shipping in February.