Vaccine Blurbs Issue 212: Happy New Year!


Washington State Department of Health | January 3, 2024

Happy New Year to You

Happy new year

We are so grateful for your partnership in vaccinating Washington's children and hope you and yours have a happy new year. We are looking forward to another good year continuing efforts to increase childhood vaccination rates and improve the health of children in our state. Thank you for all you do!

CVP Provider Training Series

Please join us January 18, 2024 for the next session in the CVP Training Series. The topic will be a repeat of the November 16th session for anyone who missed it. Please tune in to learn about or get a refresher on submitting temperature logs and reporting temperature excursions in REDCap which is now required every month for every provider enrolled in the Childhood Vaccine Program (CVP) and the Adult Vaccine Program (AVP).

Date: January 18, 2024

Time: 12 noon

Topic: REDCap Refresher- Submitting Temperature Logs and Reporting Temperature Excursions

Intended Audience: Providers and Vaccine Coordinators for the Childhood Vaccine Program or Adult Vaccine Program.

Join the Training Session
Webinar ID: 851 4240 2545
Passcode: 673609

Change to REDCap Office Hours

There will be some changes to the REDCap Office Hours due to no attendance at the past couple sessions. The January 10th and January 17th Office Hour sessions will be canceled and substituted with the CVP training session mentioned above; REDCap Refresher Training: Submitting Temperature Logs and Reporting Temperature Excursions for the CVP Training Series on January 18th. This session will be very similar content to the November training but with the addition of a live demo in REDCap! We look forward to seeing you there.

Prepare Now for Provider Agreement Renewals

Now is a good time to ensure your clinic is prepared for the upcoming Childhood Vaccine Program provider agreement renewal period which occurs between March and April this year. To help your agreement renewal go smoothly please ensure:

  1. All thermometer calibrations are up to date.
  2. Gather your practice profile data for the calendar year 1/1/23-12/31/23.
  3. Your primary and backup vaccine coordinators have completed You Call the Shots training modules in 2024. Starting this year, the trainings must be completed in CDC TRAIN. The links below include instructions for accessing the courses via TRAIN:


Hepatitis B Health Disparities in Refugee and Immigrant Communities E-course

The Immunization Action Coalition of Washington (IACW) recently updated and re-launched the 'Hepatitis B Health Disparities in Refugee and Immigrant Communities' E-course. National data have identified large disparities in hepatitis B incidence and prevalence in the United States, particularly among immigrants and refugees from hepatitis B endemic regions. This free course will give you the tools you need to work with immigrant and refugee patients and ensure they are screened and effectively treated for hepatitis B. You will learn the most up-to-date information on hepatitis B transmission and epidemiology, prevention through vaccination, screening procedures, and treatment guidelines. The course also covers barriers that refugees and immigrants face with regards to hepatitis B and gives you communication tools to work with these populations. Continuing Education credits (CNE, CME, AAMA) is available upon completion of the online evaluation and submitting an online E request.

Find this E-course on the Immunity Community website here

Clinical Corner

CDC emphasizes the importance of getting vaccinated and use of therapeutics during this respiratory season

Last month the CDC reported numbers as high as 200% increase in influenza cases, as well as stark increases in cases of RSV and COVID-19 infections throughout the country. With these alarming elevations in respiratory illness, the CDC issues a Health Alert Network Report providing recommendations in response to this situation. In this report the CDC urges providers to encourage vaccinations for the patients they serve as well as providing therapeutics such as antivirals and monoclonal antibodies for eligible patients. Furthermore, the CDC highlights the importance of reviewing other preventive measures with their patients such as frequent handwashing, covering coughs/sneezes, staying at home when sick, improving ventilation at home or work, and washing hands to protect themselves and others against spread of respiratory illnesses. You can find the full publication at the following link.

For questions about the immunization schedule, the Immunization Information System forecast, or any other immunization clinical questions, please send an email to Check out the Immunization Training web page for more resources and training opportunities.

Helpful Hints

Reminder: All Temp Logs Should Be Submitted in REDCap

All temperature logs for the Childhood Vaccine Program (CVP) are now required to be submitted in REDCap. Every primary and back up vaccine coordinator should receive an automated email requesting the temperature logs be uploaded in REDCap on the 1st of every month. If the logs are not uploaded by the 8th of the month a reminder email will be sent, and again on the 16th. Please ensure your temperature logs are submitted timely so vaccine orders can be approved quickly. Thank you for your effort learning this new process.