Vaccine Blurbs Issue 207: New REDCap Temp Log Submission Process Begins December 1


Washington State Department of Health | Nov 21, 2023

New REDCap Temperature Log Submission

Beginning on December 1st, 2023 providers enrolled in the Adult Vaccine Program (AVP) will be required to submit temperature logs through a portal in REDCap, similar to how temperature logs were submitted for the COVID-19 Vaccine Program. Providers that are dual enrolled in both the Childhood Vaccine Program (CVP) and Adult Vaccine Program (AVP) will also be required to submit temperature logs for both programs through the REDCap portal. Providers only enrolled in the Childhood Vaccine Program will have the option to submit temperature logs through the REDCap portal as well. The primary and back up vaccine coordinator at each location will receive an automated email on December 1st that will prompt you to upload your temperature logs for the prior calendar month of November. Beginning on January 1, 2024 this new temperature log submission process will be required for all enrolled providers in the Childhood Vaccine Program and the Adult Vaccine Program. Please review the previously recorded CVP training session on Navigating Temperature Log Submission in REDCap: Click here to access Training Video

If you have questions on the new temperature log submission process using the REDCap portal, please attend the Office Hours scheduled for December 6th, 2023 from 12pm-1pm to ask all your questions! Please visit the CVP Training page for meeting details. 

PCV20 Packaging Will Be Updated Soon

We’ve recently received some questions about whether PCV20 can be given to children due to the vaccine packaging stating that the vaccine is only for use in individuals 18 and older.

Per the manufacturer:

  • The PCV20 vaccine is licensed and recommended for use in both children and adults. Here is a summary of pneumococcal vaccine recommendations that indicate the vaccine can be administered to children.
  • Pfizer will be updating the PCV20 vaccine packaging to remove the statement that says the vaccine is only for patients 18+. The vaccine was initially only licensed for adults, but is now licensed and recommended for both children and adults.

Holiday Shipping Calendar

With the holidays quickly approaching, please be mindful of shipping delays, limited or no shipping days, and plan your vaccine orders accordingly. December 6th is the latest date you can submit a vaccine order to receive the delivery before January. You can place an order off your typical schedule if needed. Please ensure your accountability reports are up to date prior to placing orders to ensure expedited processing. It's also a good idea to update your shipping hours in your provider agreement if needed. Check out the holiday shipping calendar on our website for more information.

Reminder: Childhood COVID-19 Vaccine

With the commercialization of COVID-19 vaccine and the integration of this vaccine into the Childhood Vaccine Program, please remember that redistribution or depoting of any public vaccine is not allowed in the Childhood Vaccine Program. Each clinic should place their own orders for their clinic and not rely on obtaining vaccine from another clinic. Please ensure that your clinic is ordering COVID-19 vaccine and offer this product to your patients to avoid missed opportunities at your clinic.

Thank you for all your effort in immunizing Washington's children!

Spanish translations of COVID-19 and RSV VISs, and RSV Preventive Antibody Immunization Information Statement

Thanks to CDC support, Immunize​.org expanded its repository of VIS translations.

Clinical Corner

Standing Orders for RSV accine during pregnancy and RSV preventive antibody now available!

In recent weeks, ACIP has made routine recommendations for the prevention of RSV in infancy through maternal RSV vaccination or infant immunization with nirsevimab preventive antibody. Immunize​.org now offers two new standing orders templates: RSV vaccination during pregnancy, and nirsevimab for infants. The nirsevimab standing order template reflects the revised eligbility guidelines for 2023–24 issued by CDC on October 23 in its Health Alert Network advisory concerning the shortage of nirsevimab. Please see templates below:

Standing Orders: Administering RSV Vaccine during Pregnancy

Standing Orders: Administering RSV Preventive Antibody to Infants

New Immunization Schedules

For questions about the immunization schedule, the Immunization Information System forecast, or any other immunization clinical questions, please send an email to Check out the Immunization Training web page for more resources and training opportunities.

Helpful Hints

Evidence-based Strategies and Resources to Increase Routine Vaccination Rates and Confidence

The Public Health Foundation (PHF), in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is thrilled to announce the launch of our latest toolkit for healthcare providers in support of the Let's RISE (Routine Immunizations on Schedule for Everyone) playbook. This toolkit aims to support and equip healthcare providers with the actionable resources to make catching up on vaccinations seamless and effective among school-age children.

Evidence-based strategies within the toolkit include:  

  • Strategy 1 - Remind families about vaccines that are due or required for school entry 
  • Strategy 2 - Help Share the Facts 
  • Strategy 3 - Assess Vaccination Status and Make a Strong Recommendation 

Strategy 4 - Help Make Vaccines More Accessible

Explore the toolkit here

3 min video on helping decrease vaccine anxiety in children

Addressing Vaccination Anxiety for Children: Strategies for Vaccine Recipients and Caregivers.