Vaccine Blurbs Issue 179: We Want Your Feedback, Complete the Provider Satisfaction Survey!


Washington State Department of Health | May 9, 2023

Provider Satisfaction Survey Is Open: We Want Your Feedback

Please complete the Department of Health Childhood Vaccine Program Provider Satisfaction Survey

The Department of Health is collecting this valuable data about your satisfaction with Childhood Vaccine Program (CVP) operations and service delivery. This survey will take about 2 minutes to complete, and the information will be used by the Department of Health to improve customer service and provider support. 

Information collected via this survey may be subject to release in accordance with RCW 42.56 (Public Records Act).  

Please complete by May 23, 2023.

Provider Agreement Renewals Should Be Complete

The CVP Provider Agreement renewal season is complete for 2023. Currently, 89% of providers enrolled have completed their renewal. If you did not yet submit a 2023 provider agreement in the IIS, please do so as soon as possible. All 2022 provider agreements in the IIS have since expired as of the end of April. If you have not yet renewed your agreement your clinic can no longer order childhood vaccines.

Once you have an approved 2023 provider agreement your clinic will be able to order childhood vaccines again. Please use this guide to assist you in submitting your renewal.

If you have any questions, please reach out to for assistance.

New Tool: Vaccine Coordinator Quick Start Guide

The new Vaccine Coordinator Quick Start Guide outlines the basic duties to ensure proper vaccine temperature monitoring and accountability reporting in a helpful, graphic format. This guide may come in handy for new vaccine coordinators or in situations where other staff are assisting with temperature monitoring and reporting duties. We recommend that you print and post this guide on your storage unit(s) as a visual reminder and resource. A QR code is included that links to an online version of the document so you can access the linked resources from a cell phone.

We hope that this new tool helps you complete your reporting requirements in an accurate and timely way to prevent disruptions in vaccine ordering.

Vaccine Coordinator Quick Start Guide

Vaccine Choice Is Open Until Friday!

There are just three days left for vaccine choice. The last day to request changes is Friday May 12th.

During this time providers can fill out the Vaccine Choice form to request a change in the brand of vaccine they receive for vaccines with more than one brand available.

Vaccines with only one brand option are included on all order sets.

Please use the following link to access the form to request changes. You only need to submit a form if you are requesting a change. If you are keeping the same vaccines no form is needed.

Submit forms either by e-mail to or by fax to 360-236-3811.

If you have any questions, please contact Jacki Stockdale at

Clinical Corner

PCV20 approved for children

The FDA approved PREVNAR 20 to protect children against 20 pneumococcal serotypes. The additional 7 serotypes are some of the most common serotypes causing invasive pneumococcal disease in the US. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices may discuss PREVNAR 20 recommendations and take a vote at the June 21-22 meeting. The discussion and recommendation may include whether PREVNAR 20 will replace PCV13.

Pneumococcal forecast bugs and CIS

The current bugs include:

  • PCV15 and PCV20 (currently recommended for adults) entered in WAIIS (WA Immunization Information System) is currently showing up as PPSV
  • PCV15 and PCV20 are flagged as invalid and the reason for the invalid vaccination appears as PPSV rather PCV in the Invalid Vaccinations section
  • The forecast needs to be updated to the most current pneumococcal vaccine recommendations
  • PCV15 doesn’t appear on the CIS (Certificate of Immunization Status) that’s required for school and child care attendance. This makes the CIS not complete

We are working on all the pneumococcal bugs with our WAIIS vendor but don’t have a timeline for an update that addresses all of these bugs. In the meantime until the CIS is updated, please handwrite the PCV15 dose on the CIS and mark the CIS as complete, if appropriate. Please initial the change and include the provider’s credentials on the CIS.

“Vaccines and Your Baby” updated

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Vaccine Education Center updated the “Vaccines and Your Baby” booklet, which is now available in English and Spanish. The 2023 version includes information about COVID-19 as well as updated statistics and resources. Clinics can order or download the updated version today to use with your families.

For questions about the immunization schedule, the Immunization Information System forecast, or any other immunization clinical questions, please send an email to Check out the Immunization Training web page for more resources and training opportunities.