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Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery − Summer 2021 Newsletter

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What to Do If You Receive a Complaint

You receive a letter that a complaint regarding your conduct is being investigated. What should you do?

Under Washington law, licensees have certain obligations and rights. Read the article by Ashley Maxwell, DOH Supervising Staff Attorney

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New Physician Assistant Practice Laws Now in Effect

Many provisions of Substitute House Bill 2378 are effective as of July 1, 2021. Practice agreements take the place of delegation agreements. All PAs will be licensed under and regulated by the Washington Medical Commission.

Learn more in the overview about what it means for your daily practice.  

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Welcome to the Board

The board enthusiastically welcomes its newest member, Tania Hernandez, DO. Dr. Hernandez brings her background in addiction medicine, work with underserved communities and experience in correctional medicine to her position with the board. 

Meet Dr. Hernandez through her introductory bio.

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Rules in Progress 

The Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission and Department of Health are working on several rulemaking projects that may affect osteopathic physician practice.

 Rulemaking in the works include:

   Safe and effective analgesia and anesthesia administration in office-based settings.
   Proposed dental anesthesia rules
   Electronic prescribing mandate and prescription monitoring program integration

Read the details

Workforce Survey


Completing the Washington State Workforce Survey is required by law at the time of annual license renewal for osteopathic physicians. If you haven't already done so this year, complete the Workforce Survey.

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Board Members

Roger Ludwig, DO, Chair
Alex Sobel, DO,
Lisa Galbraith, DO
Sharon Gundersen, PhD, Public Member
Tania Hernandez, DO
Trice Konschuh,
Public Member  
Kim Morrissette, DO
Shannon Phipps, DO
Joel Quiroz, PA-C
Yuri Tsirulnikov, DO
Kevin Ware, DO


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Renee Fullerton
Executive Director

Tracie Drake
Program Manager

Department of Health
PO Box 47852
Olympia, WA

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