May Consolidated Homeless Grant Newsletter

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Consolidated Homeless Grant (CHG) Newsletter

May 22, 2017

Please forward to your sub grantees and contact your CHG program manager if you have any questions.

Myths and Facts

Myths and Facts

Myth:  The longer the stay in shelter, the better prepared a household is for permanent housing.

Fact:  Longer shelter stays do not increase success in permanent housing. In fact, most households can exit homelessness with a light touch of services and rent assistance. The following link from HUD discusses the benefits of getting households into permanent housing as quickly as possible. 

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Spotlight: Kitsap County Tells the Story of Homelessness in Their Community with Data and Infographics

Check out their Data Flyer and 2016 Annual Report.


Personal Story From 2017 Conference on Ending Homelessness

The 2017 Conference on Ending Homelessness took place in Tacoma on May 10 and 11. We asked Maylee Stevenson from the Commerce Home Management Information System team to give us her experience of attending the conference:

“The Conference on Ending Homelessness is my favorite event of the year. It’s a great opportunity to network and meet with people I correspond with but don’t always get to see in person. I really appreciate the diversity of sessions and speakers represented. I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn about issues I rarely get to learn about in my work environment such as issues around race, class, disability or gender as these issues ARE related to ending homeless. I appreciate this year’s emphasis on intersectionality and talking about politics as we can’t separate the implications politics has on our lives and our work. I take the information and awareness gained from the session and try to apply them to my job and even my personal life. At lunch, I often sit next to new and interesting people. The conversations I have during lunch are the most fruitful.”

Washington’s 100-Day Challenge to End Family Homeless Report Available

100 Day Challenge

In 2016, six Washington communities engaged in 100-Day Challenges to rapidly transform their homeless systems and make progress toward eliminating family homelessness. 

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Washington State Human Rights Commission

Have you ever visited the Washington State Human Rights Commission web page? Under the law, everyone has the right to be free from discrimination in housing and in a public accommodation. Any individual who believes that he or she has been discriminated against based on protected class status may file a charge of discrimination. Check out these links for information for your agency and your clients:

NAEH is hosting a six-month webinar series all about shelter and the critical role it plays in ending homelessness.

The first two webinars in the National Alliance to End Homelessness series were hosted in April and May. Webinar recordings and extensive resources are posted on the landing page for the series where you can also sign up for future webinars. 

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