ESIT Data Management System (DMS) Known Issues September 2022

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ESIT Data Management System (DMS) Known Issues September 2022

GovDelivery Notifications

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Help Desk Fun Facts and Tips

In the month of August 2022, ESIT Help Desk staff processed 94 data fixes and 338 administrative changes in the DMS. We also processed 242 requests to give school districts access to IFSPs, based on written parent consent retained on file in the local provider agency. If your program is implementing changes and you can anticipate that administrative changes in child records will be required, please notify the ESIT Help Desk ahead of time so we can anticipate the influx in requests.

When reporting errors to the Help Desk, please include the child ID or the child’s DOB and the first two initials of the child’s first and last name in the subject line of your email. Screenshots are also helpful to problem-solve issues where error messages are displayed. Inquiries to the Help Desk email inbox and messages through the DMS have the fastest turnaround.

Please note that our average turnaround time for your request is 24 business hours. 

Creating User Accounts in the DMS

Users with administrative roles in the DMS (Lead FRC, Agency Manager, Lead Agency Manager) can create new user accounts in the DMS. Once the account is created in the respective organization, please contact the Help Desk to activate the account. The Help Desk Coordinator will send out a temporary password to the email associated with the new account and the new user will be able to access the DMS production environment immediately. If you need guidance on how to create user accounts, please contact the Help Desk at

ESIT Help Desk Auto Response

All requests for assistance with the ESIT DMS should be submitted to the Help Desk at Members of the Data Systems and Analysis Team check this inbox frequently and will respond to your requests. If you submit an inquiry to the ESIT Help Desk, you will receive an auto response reminding you that if you need access to data that is not available in our reports, to send your data requests to The turn-around time for data requests can be 1-2 weeks, depending on the nature of the request and availability of our developer.

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Thank you for contacting the ESIT Help Desk

We respond to all inquiries in the order received. Please know that we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience.

To better assist you, please provide the following if you haven't already:

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  • The specific question, concern or request.
  • Your First and last name
  • The Child ID you are inquiring about
  • Your email address associated with your ESIT account (if different from the email address you are writing us from)

Frequently Asked Questions & Resources

  • The school district portal FAQ document is here.
  • Instructions how to access the ESIT.Web school district portal are here.
  • The monthly ESIT Known Issues Document is here.
  • To sign up for the ESIT GovDelivery updates, please contact
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Data Requests (Data Pulls from Our Database)

Please send all data requests (data pulls from our DMS database) to We will make data available to you in password protected Excel files. Large data requests may be sent to the requestor via Secure File Transfer.

Accessing the ESIT DMS using Microsoft Edge Browser

Due to the recent sunset of Internet Explorer 11, we have made the ESIT DMS available on Microsoft Edge. If you are still using Internet Explorer 11 to access the DMS, please reach out to to get assistance with switching to the Microsoft Edge browser. Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported by Microsoft and all DMS user should be using Microsoft Edge at this time.

Resetting Timelines

If a child re-enters services and did not previously have an IFSP on file, we need to reset the timelines so all events populate correctly. Please contact the Help Desk with the referral date and the childID so that we can correct the date in the child’s record. For all other children, timelines do not need to be reset. The FRC should issue an annual IFSP and the timeline will automatically populate the correct dates.

Reports in ESIT.Web

If you are accessing reports in the ESIT.Web application and you have two roles assosciated with your DMS account (for example the FRC role and the agency manager role), the reports you are able to view may contain duplicate children. This is only an issue if you have more than one eligible role in the data system. If you are noticing inaccuracies, please reach out to for further assistance.

Turnaround Time for Correcting Data Entry Errors and/or Other Data Fixes

Our lean but effective team works on data fixes once a week and releases the script into our production environment after we have tested it to make sure the changes are correctly implemented. Some data fixes can take our developer multiple hours to complete. We try to be mindful to schedule all data fixes in priority order and our goal is to complete them within seven business days of receipt. The FRC will receive an email or DMS message once the data correction is visible in our system.

Need Assistance?

For Assistance with ESIT DMS, email

  • This is the most efficient way to get in the queue for assistance.
  • Send a description of your problem and include the child ID.
  • In some cases, it may be helpful to send a screenshot.
  • You may send a message directly through ESIT DMS if you do not need to attach screenshots to resolve the issue.