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Hello, Summer!

This quarterly newsletter from the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) is designed to keep Washington's early learning community informed of all of the great work pertaining to Professional Development.


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Training Updates

I Need Training Hours! What are My Options?

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DCYF has several options to support all different learning preferences. They include: 

  • State-Approved Training
    • Online
    • Self-Paced
    • Hybrid
    • In-person (limited due to COVID-19 guidelines)
  • Non State-Approved Training
    • For learning experiences completed through non state-approved training, you may submit a Continuing Education Proposal (CEP) application. This option allows participants to request STARS hours for trainings attended. This includes in-person, online and/or conferences. There is no limit to the number of hours you can use for this option. 
  • College Coursework
    • To receive annual In-Service hours for college coursework related to the Early Childhood Education Core Competencies Areas, complete the College Coursework section of an Education Application in MERIT and submit copies of unofficial transcripts to Centralia MERIT.
    • Only up to three courses may be submitted per calendar year. All courses must have been completed within the past three years.

Additional information about CEPs and credit for college coursework can be found on our MERIT Support page.

Where do I Find Training?

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There are multiple places to look for trainings. If you're looking for no-charge training, some resources include:  

If you need additional help or want to plan training for your entire center or program contact the Professional Development team

Coming Soon

Online Child Care Basics (CCB)

Starting this month, participants will test out the online training through a training pilot. Thanks to all who expressed interest in the pilot.

The online CCB training will become widely available starting in October. You can find the training on DCYF’s Training Portal in English and Spanish.

Additional options for completing the Child Care Basics requirement are also available.  

  CCB online

Enhancing Quality Early Learning (EQEL)


Starting in September, the first 10 hours of EQEL will become available in English and Spanish. This will meet in-service hours.

DCYF will have approved alternatives for EQEL that include:

  • Completion of Early Achievers Level 2 Training
  • Completion of the following courses in the ECE Stackable Certificates:
    • Intro to ECE (ECED&105)
    • ECE Practicum (ECED&120)
    • Guiding Behavior (EDUC&130)
  • ECEAP/HS Training pathway (details coming soon)

If you meet EQEL with one of the listed alternatives, EQEL can be an optional way to complete in-service training or you can continue to select your own training topics.

Overview of All Trainings

Specific trainings and the timeline to complete them depend on your role.

To view a complete list of roles, trainings and timelines, review the Training Requirements and Completion Timeline document.


State-Approved Trainers & RBPD Professionals New Webpage

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Find State-approved Training and Relationship-Based Professional Development information on the newly updated Professional Development Strategies webpage.

Check it out!

Indigenous Children, Youth, and Families Conference

The Washington Indigenous Children, Youth, and Families Conference is happening August 11-12. 

This is a great opportunity to come together and learn, with content focusing on Indigenous child and family wellbeing, Early Learning and the Indian Child Welfare Act.

DCYF is working on offering In-service (STARS hours) for some sessions. Details will be included in conference materials.

Registration closes July 31, make sure you secure your spot! 

 Registration Details Here 

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Summer Webinar Series

The Summer Webinar Series is focused on your feedback.

We understand the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted all of our daily lives and brought challenges and we want to hear from you. 


  Summer Webinar Series

August & September Webinars 

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The August and September will be taking place the third Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. The webinars will focus on your input around the following topics:

  • The State-Approved Trainer Program
  • User experiences with DCYF's Professional Development website and resources 

Stay tuned for additional webinar details and registration information.

Please note, due to the webinar format, these webinars will not be recorded. If you’re unable to attend on the given Tuesdays, we welcome your feedback. Please send any comments to Marlene White.

Glimpse of Previous Recordings

Wondering what topics the Professional Development has covered in past webinars? A few topics include: 

Additional webinars, including the video time-markers, can be found on the Newsletters and Webinars page.

Supporting the Early Learning Workforce Through Education

DCYF knows the value of education and works diligently to partner with the higher education community to design and provide various educational programs to support the early learning workforce.


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Early Achievers Scholarships, Stories of Success

Photo of Terry

Terry Miethe

My name Is Terry, this has been an amazing journey that has benefited my life in so many ways. I have been in early childhood education for many years. I started out being in the first pilot program of the (CDA) Child Development Associate program. I have always loved teaching children and my passion grew over the years. I have seen so many positive changes in this early childhood program. I am very proud to be a part of an amazing group of educators. I am so thankful for having the opportunity to go back to school and improve myself. This field of work is always changing, it is imperative to be a part of the changes. Early Achievers gave me my opportunity to go back to school and receive my diploma. My new journey is to be a mentor teacher to young people coming into this field that share my passion for children along with helping out their education.

-Terry, Spokane Falls Community College-Early Childhood Education

Sarah in a ball pit with the kiddos

Sarah Ivanhoe

Once upon a time, I wanted to become a veterinarian or a zoologist, but that requires a lot of school and school was hard for me, so because school was so hard, all I wanted to do was be done. I could not imagine ever going back by choice. I held on to this mentality for many years, and I opted for a different career, one that did not require years of college. I ended up first becoming a cosmetologist, then a barber. Twenty years later, I am in the middle of a divorce from an abusive marriage I found myself needing to be at home full time with my kids. I started doing some babysitting for friends. This led me to learn about and start providing child care in the Friends, Family and Neighbors program through DSHS.

sarah making arts with the kiddos

One day at lunch with my (now) husband, I got a call from an SEIU union representative, she told me about the union and informed me about some upcoming classes that I could take. I signed up on the spot. At the classes I started thinking I wanted to become a licensed family home daycare but had no idea how. Someone there directed to the Imagine emporium website to become an intern, within 8 hours of filling out the request form I was set up with a mentor close to my location. When I met her, one of the things she told me about was the Early Achievers scholarship and that I would qualify by being licensed. I was immediately interested.

sarah main

I completed my internship and after a few bumps in the road I was licensed! I reached out to Kim Doyle about the scholarship and she sent me the information, and next thing I know I, at the age of 45, was going to college for the first time. I would never have been able to afford going to school without this scholarship, let alone get my AA. Yet, here I am, 36 credits away from my transfer AA, all thanks to Early Achievers and the scholarship program they have. Thank you.

-Sarah, Whatcom Community College, ECE program

Spokane Falls Community College-Early Childhood Education Update

photo of EcE teacher

The Early Childhood Education has adapted to the changing needs of COVID-19.

Practicum requirements are a challenge for scholars whose centers have closed. The program and college worked together to broaden options that align with both college and program standards for these students and ensure that graduation was not delayed for anyone because of COVID-19.

In addition, the program provided expanded opportunities for students to connect and interact with each other as well as respected community leaders.

“Spokane Falls Community College and the Early Achievers Grant have helped me so much! I appreciate everything” -Spokane Falls C.C. Student


Education and Scholarships


To keep updated on these programs and other education
resources, visit DCYF's Education and Scholarships page.

Resource to Evaluate ECE Coursework

Are you wondering if your college credits count to meet Staff Qualificatinos?

The Evaluating Early Childhood Coursework Guide is a tool to help see how someone’s higher education credits align to the Core Competencies in order to meet Staff Qualifications.

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