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Welcome to the Trainer Gazette

Welcome to the second edition of the Trainer Gazette, a quarterly newsletter for Washington's State Approved Trainers. At the beginning of each quarter, we'll share information on what's new in the State Approved Trainer world, highlighting trainers, sharing tips, and more.

Help Expand Washington's State Approved Trainer Pool


The Trainer Advisory Board (TAB) and Trainer Observer Support Team are expanding. The TAB advises DCYF on trainer and training quality assurance policies and practices. This includes:

  • Observations of trainer applicants and current state-approved trainers
  • Making recommendations for new applicant trainer approval
  • Provide trainer support through relationship-based professional development

The board consists of professionals in higher education, community-based trainers, state agencies, and other professional organizations.

To better serve our trainers across the state, we're looking to add to our pool of trainer observers. If you have a passion for helping Washington trainers develop and ensuring that early learning professionals are receiving quality training, please send your resume to and we'll send you an application. 

Learn more about the Trainer Advisory Board here

Health, Safety, and Nutrition


The Health, Safety, and Nutrition competency area focuses on how to establish and maintain an environment that ensures children’s safety, health, and nourishment.

Use it! Child Care Basics provides the foundational knowledge and skills that an early learning provider needs in the workforce. As a state-approved trainer, you have the ability to build upon that foundation through the trainings that you offer. As you use the Core Competencies for Early Care and Education Professionals to develop high-quality training, you can expand on how to respond to the needs of children. Think about the categories within health, safety, and nutrition.

  • Knowledge of Regulations
  • Environmental Safety
  • Responding to Health Needs of Children
  • Nutrition

How can you expand the knowledge of the workforce within these categories? Add new resources to your toolbox: check out the Alignment Awareness and Education Campaign on Providers can use these trainings to expand their knowledge about WAC 110-300 regulations. As a trainer, you can use these trainings to become knowledgeable about the regulations and assist providers with using these as a resource.


Think about the resources that you have in your toolkit regarding health, safety, and nutrition. Read Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child by Lynn R. Marotz. This book has a wealth of knowledge that aligns with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards. You can incorporate hands-on training with the table on page 20 to teach providers proper body mechanics for adults. What else can you add to your resource toolbox?

Trainer Highlight: Connie Dougherty (CCAC)


We would like to introduce you to this quarter’s nominated trainer: Connie Dougherty of Child Care Action Council (CCAC). Connie teaches for the CCAC Olympic Peninsula region.

“Connie is an amazing trainer with a wealth of experience and knowledge behind her. She is the epitome of professional in every way. She also takes the time to really get to know her audience and is skilled in finding ways to draw on that knowledge throughout her classes. Her classes are detailed and meaningful and she strives to meet the needs of those she is training, whether it be staff, providers, or other professionals in the field. Not only does she care and advocate in regards to PD, but she also mentors many trainers along their own journeys.” - Heidi

Thank you, Connie, for all of your hard work in supporting the professional growth of those around you!

Do you know a trainer that you would like to nominate for the quarterly Trainer Highlight section? Each quarter, we will highlight a trainer who is part of the State Approved Trainer community. Nominations are made anonymously.

Email with the following information: trainer's name, the general location they serve, and why you are nominating them. Please include a picture if you have their permission.

What’s New


Our online training library, formerly known as, has a new name as we continue the transition to a unified agency under the Department of Children, Youth, and Families. All previous training completions and options will still show on the new site – now   

Here’s what’s new about the online training:

  • The State Approved Trainer Modules are currently unavailable while DCYF updates them. For new trainers, this will not affect your trainer application and you can move forward in the process without reviewing the modules. When the modules are live, DCYF will send out an update to all trainers letting you know that the modules are available to view (this won’t be mandatory).
  • New Alignment Awareness Education Campaign trainings are in the online training catalog. These were developed as part of the DCYF alignment process to prepare providers and licensors in complying with the Foundational Quality Standards for Early Learning Programs (WAC 110-300). These trainings can help build up your toolkit with current information regarding WAC regulations.

Communication Corner


Child Care Basics Update

In October 2018, DCYF released the updated Child Care Basics curriculum that included the federally required health and safety training topics. If you were already teaching Child Care Basics, you should have received an email from our training team about the process for the new curriculum. If you didn’t, please let us know by emailing

Are you wanting to teach the Child Care Basics curriculum for the first time? If you are approved to teach in all Early Care and Education competency areas and are interested in teaching Child Care Basics, please email for more information.

Newsletter Update 


Previous Trainer Gazettes can now be found on the DCYF website. Newsletters will be posted within one week of being sent out.

Visit the professional development webpage to find archived newsletters and other information to stay up-to-date on all things professional development.

Congratulations to Washington's Recent State Approved Trainers

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The following trainers were approved in October & December 2018. Welcome, and congrats!


Sumi Shadduck

Pamela Follis

Ralicia Preisinger

Catherine Bakken

Davique Dumars

Kelly Riffer

Susanne Mille

Patrick Valisto

Jacqueline  Edwards

Maria Villa

Caitlin Young

Amanda Cuthbert

Susan Tefft

Christi Robinson

Berta Artiga

Suzanne Ender

Anjelica Torres

Holly Sontz

Jessica McMurdie

Gloria Vasquez

Maria Arias

Daniel White

Shelbe Negron

Clara Storm

Melinda Amaro

Cynthia Taylor

Sierna Haddock

Heather Peterson-Bruno

Tamra Hill

Denise   Findlay

Melody Stryker

Sherri Fry

Luisa Hernandez Carvajal

Barbara Roddy

Sarah Southard

Imra Acosta

Sara Hegnes

Shawna Glasscock

Sonya Shine

Senayet Negusse

Jesica Mendoza


Bertha Landin


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