November 2019 CTR Newsletter

November 2019 |  Commute Trip Reduction Newsletter

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Bridge Your Commute Gap

Solve The Last Mile In A Van

Community Transit has unveiled a new last-mile solution for employees who take (or would like to take) transit to work, but have no easy, frequent direct bus service. Effectively a short-range vanpool, this Last Mile pilot program parks at nearby park-and-rides and takes employees into work. With reserved parking established at ferry terminals, Sounder stations, and Park & Rides, it’s never been easier to cover that last-mile gap.

For a limited time, Community Transit is waiving the first month’s fees for new riders! Your employees can beat the rain without paying a dime.

Fast Facts:

Distance: Up to 10 miles from transit hub

Cost: $35 or less per month per rider

Riders: 5 minimum (the more riders, the cheaper it gets!)

Drivers: Employee-driven

Learn more at our Vanpool Option page, and sign up or get more information by emailing

We have posters, rack cards, digital slides, and A-boards available for worksites who would like to promote this option. Questions about how your worksite subsidies may / could cover this new vanpool option? Reach out to

Quarterly Reports - Recommendations

Thank you for completing your Quarterly Reports!  It's an excellent time to review your program and reflect on the needs of your worksite.  It's also a great opportunity to allow us to help you with your program.  The more information you are able to share, the easier it is for us to make recommendations and offer suggestions that may help move your programs forward.

Please be sure to review the bottom section of the emails we sent the other week in response to your reports.  There, you will find where we responded to your questions and made recommendations.  

Please take the time to review and let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you!

Quarterly Report Recommendations

Lynnwood Travel Survey


Lynnwood Travel Survey

Calling all Lynnwood Travelers!

Community Transit, in partnership with the City of Lynnwood, is exploring new ways for people to get around Lynnwood. To get an idea of how people travel now, and what barriers they face, we have launched a short travel survey. Responses will be used by a Community Working Group to help design new transportation solutions.

The Community Working Group—including city representatives, seniors, business members, and community advocates— will help increase community awareness and involvement in this project, identify travel gaps in Lynnwood, and determine solutions to improve the community’s transportation services.     

So, whether you live, work, or visit Lynnwood (who doesn’t go to Alderwood Mall at least once?) please take and share this survey with your employees. The survey closes December 13th. 

Questions can be directed to our Community Programs team, and a name you might recognize: Alex Mehn,

Take the Survey

ride in the tain

Ride In The Rain Challenge Continues

As the days get darker and wetter, don't forget: November is Ride in the Rain month in Washington State! Washington Bikes invites seasoned pedalers, new bike riders, and cyclists from all over our state to bike as much as possible for any reason November 1-30.

The idea of the Ride in the Rain Challenge is to turn a common barrier to biking - inclement weather - on its head and celebrate biking during the rainiest month of the year. We're confident that if you can ride during the rainiest month and enjoy it, you’ll see how possible it is to bike all year round! It's not too late to register! Click here to join the challenge.

If you’ve got a rain jacket, lights and a bike, you can do it! Here’s a guide, some tips and a great video for anyone looking for tips for biking in the rain.

This year they are awarding random weekly prizes for anyone who has logged at least one trip. Log all your bike trips: commuting, getting around town or just for fun.

Upcoming Trainings and Events

*Note, if you attend a webinar we aren't the direct host of, let us know so you can have credit*

Tuesday 12/10- Community Transit Live, 12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m., Online

Thursday 12/12 - ETC Networking Meeting, 2:30 p.m. – 4 p.m., Kasch Park Operating Base, RSVP to

Watch any of our CTR Recorded Trainings on our ETC Resources Page to earn credit toward your training hours.  

Association for Commuter Transportation Webinars - This is a great resource for additional webinar content.  If you find one that looks interesting to you and would support your program, send us an email and we'll review for content and time to ensure we give you proper credit for your training hours.

You or your employees might be interested in...

Holiday Service Alert

Do you or your employees work on Thanksgiving Day (Nov 29th) or the following day (Nov 30th)?  If so, Community Transit, as well as other transit agencies, will operate limited bus service on these days.  

For an overview, please visit our site for more information.

Route schedules are available at

Customer Care

November 29th - Closed

November 30th - Open from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm 

Ride Store

November 29th - Closed

November 30th - Open from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm 

Community Transit bus at Lynnwood Transit Center with Fall leaves in the background.

Everett In Motion Incentive Program Is No More

The Everett in Motion incentive program has come to an end.  For those worksites that have display materials promoting the program, please be sure to remove and recycle any materials you may have left.

Statewide Active Transportation Plan

Online open house is live; questionnaire deadline Nov. 30 

The online open house for the state active transportation plan is now live and ready for people to read and respond by Nov. 30.

What you'll find on the WSDOT Active Transportation Plan Online Open House:

  • A questionnaire that asks:
    • Information about you to help us understand whether we have received responses from a sample that represents all Washington residents
    • What you use for transportation
    • What prevents you from using active transportation more often
    • What would make it more likely that you would walk, bike or roll
    • What’s unique about your community or region
    • What’s most important for government to focus on for future changes to the transportation system that affect walking, bicycling and rolling
  • Upcoming events where you can talk with WSDOT staff about active transportation
  • The definition of active transportation 
  • Our state routes analysis: How we're creating decision-making tools to help us identify and prioritize future changes
  • Maps for your feedback: State routes color-coded by Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) and a form for your comments about what you think of this approach. (What is LTS anyway? We explain in the online open house.)
  • Contacts for questions about a specific project in your region: WSDOT active transportation coordinators

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