Swift Network News | Volume 2, Issue 27 | Construction Update for February 9, 2018

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 Vol. 2, Issue 27

Drainage work at eastbound 128th St. SW and 4th Ave. W.

Drainage work at eastbound 128th St. SW and 4th Ave. W.

Work Begins on Stations at 128th St. SW and 4th Ave. W

128th St. (Area 2)

Construction crews broke ground this week on the future Swift Green Line station on eastbound 128th St. SW just west of 4th Ave. W.

Most of the week was spent preparing the area for efficient stormwater drainage by installing pipes and underground gravel. The gravel will help the ground absorb stormwater from the roadway.

Next week, the site will be graded, utility conduits will be installed, and if weather permits, concrete foundations will be poured.

Demolition and grading work will begin on the westbound side of 128th St. and 4th Ave. next week.

Airport Rd. (Area 1)

Five stations in Area 1 are still undergoing Phase 1 construction:

  • Northbound, Airport Rd. and Hwy. 99
  • Northbound, Airport Rd. and 112th St.
  • Southbound, Airport Rd. and Kasch Park Rd.
  • Southbound, Airport Rd. and 112th St.
  • Southbound, Airport Rd. and Hwy. 99

All station construction, regardless of location, requires periodic closures of one lane of traffic. Some closures occur during the day (9 a.m. to 2 p.m.) and others occur at night (8 p.m. to 4 a.m.).

Information about the Swift Green Line stations is online at www.communitytransit.org/swiftstations. 

Setting Light Pole Foundations

Concrete Walls and Light Pole Foundations Installed

This week at the future Seaway Transit Center, concrete was poured for two seat walls along what will become a pair of Swift Green Line stations. Other work included installing several concrete light pole foundations, which will take another week to complete.

Other work next week will include digging along 75th St. for the foundations of three more traffic poles. Traffic on 75th St. will be reduced to one lane in each direction as needed between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. 

Information about the Seaway Transit Center is online at www.communitytransit.org/seaway

These concrete cylinders are foundations for light poles, cast with electrical conduits already inside. They are connected to underground electrical conduits; when they’re buried, the tops of the cylinders are exposed and ready for the light poles to be attached. 

Pre-cast Light Pole Foundations

Drainage Work Continues East of I-5

East of I-5

The sidewalk and part of the driveway of the Quality Inn & Suites that were dismantled during construction the past few weeks are now complete. Utility companies are working in the area of the driveway, so the driveway will be completed once they finish.

Drainage work, including the installation of a rain garden, continues on the corner of 128th St. and 3rd Ave. SE.

West of I-5

New traffic poles and lane signage are scheduled to be installed in the next 3-5 weeks. Final landscaping will be completed at this time.

Information about the 128th Street project is online at www.communitytransit.org/128th.

Community Transit Live Video Screenshot

Get Construction Update With Lunch: Noon, Feb. 22

The February Community Transit Live webcast on Swift construction is scheduled for Noon on Feb. 22.

The agency’s Communications and Planning staff will present the latest construction updates and plans for the future, as well as take questions from viewers in real time.

It will be the first time that the monthly 30-minute webcast is held during the day. The hope is that this time may work better for those who are unavailable to tune in during the evening.

View previous Community Transit Live webcasts at www.communitytransit.org/ctlive.

Swift Green Line Construction Area Map

Construction Includes Four Areas, Several Stages

The Swift Green Line will run between the Canyon Park Park & Ride in Bothell and the Seaway Transit Center, which is currently under construction near the Boeing Everett plant.

Swift Green Line buses will serve 34 stations at 16 intersections and two terminals every 10 minutes weekdays, and every 20 minutes nights and weekends.

Community Transit is building the stations in stages: underground utility work, concrete platforms, and finally the station structures.

Construction began in Area 1, the northernmost part of the route, and will generally move east and south, resulting in each station being visited several times in 2018.

Swift stations will provide weather protection, seating, adequate lighting, real-time next bus signs, and a rider information kiosk. ORCA smart card readers and ticket vending machines will provide quick and easy ways for riders to pay their fare before boarding a Swift bus.

The Swift Green Line will connect with the Swift Blue Line at Hwy 99 & Airport Rd., establishing Snohomish County’s first high-capacity transit network. The network will eventually include more Swift lines and Link light rail.

The Swift Green Line will begin service in spring 2019.