Swift Network News | Construction Update for November 3, 2017

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 Vol. 2, Issue 15

New curbs along 75th Street SW

New curbs along 75th Street SW.

Seaway Transit Center Construction

Curbs, Sidewalks and More Appearing on Seaway Blvd. and 75th St. SW

Construction crews are busy at the intersection of Seaway Blvd. and 75th Street SW, installing curbs, sidewalks and gutters in addition to driveways and landscape strips. 

There will be continued traffic impacts throughout the month of November as wet weather is delaying completion of the roadwork. Those impacts are expected as follows: 

Seaway Blvd 
The right northbound lane will be closed as needed on weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.

75th Street SW 
One lane will close in each direction as needed on weekdays between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. 

The westbound Everett Transit bus stop and Community Transit temporary bus stop both remain open; the eastbound Everett Transit bus stop is closed. 

Information about the Seaway Transit Center is online at www.communitytransit.org/seaway.  

128th Street SW Construction

Sidewalks are nearly finished, but not yet open to pedestrians.

West Side Finishing Work Continues; East Side is Quiet

Sidewalks, curbs and newly finished driveways are providing a welcome sight to folks traveling east on 128th Street SW toward I-5.  

The businesses in the area are especially pleased to see their driveways being restored, one-half at a time, allowing uninterrupted access for their customers. 

Crews are also working to:

  • Prepare for the installation of new traffic lights and signage poles
  • Finish the retaining wall near Denny’s restaurant
  • Creating a bus refuge 

Intermittent closures of the right eastbound lane will continue between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. as needed. 

There is no work currently scheduled on 128th Street SW east of I-5. 

Information about the construction on 128th Street SW is online at www.communitytransit.org/128th.  

Swift Green Line Station Construction

Swift station for Swift Blue Line under construction, August 2007

Swift Green Line Stations Awaiting Final Schedule Approval

Construction on the Swift Green Line stations are awaiting final approval of a proposed traffic-control schedule. Work will begin a few weeks after the approval is received, starting at Hwy. 99 and moving north along Airport Rd. 

Station work will be done in several overlapping phases, including road work, platform work, traffic signal adjustments, main structure installation and amenities installation.  

Information about the stations for Swift Green Line is online at www.communitytransit.org/swiftstations.

Pictured above: The Casino Rd. Station of Swift Blue Line under construction, August 2009.

Swift Green Line Service Map

Swift Green Line to Connect Bothell and Paine Field

Swift is Community Transit's Bus Rapid Transit service. 

Washington State’s first bus rapid transit line opened in November 2009. The Swift Blue Line serves a 17-mile route between Everett and Shoreline. It provides fast, frequent and reliable service whether you are traveling from Everett to Lynnwood, Edmonds to Shoreline or anywhere in between. 

The Swift Green Line will serve a 12.5-mile route between Paine Field/Boeing and Canyon Park/ Bothell. It is expected to begin service in early 2019. 

The Swift Green Line will provide appealing choices for people to travel without a car. Because stations are further apart and fares are paid at the station, Swift buses offer rail-like quickness. 

Not only will this route offer fast, frequent service to those living or working between Bothell and Boeing, but the connection to the Swift Blue Line will greatly expand the ease of transit use in our region. 

The Swift Green Line will cross the Swift Blue Line at Airport Road and Highway 99, establishing a Swift network. 

More Swift lines to the north and east of our county are planned for the future.