Swift Network News | Swift Construction Newsletter | July 21, 2017

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 Vol. 2, Issue 6 | July 21, 2017

Single Lane Closures and Narrowing on 75th Street at Seaway Transit Center

Storm water retention vault

Storm water retention vault walls getting ready for large concrete pour.

The Seaway  Transit Center construction site is rapidly changing as crews poured the cement floor to the storm water retention vault this week.

  • Happening now: Narrow lanes on 75th Street to begin construction of new turn lane into Seaway Transit Center.
  • Single lane closures in both directions on 75th Street while crews continue to work on storm water catch basins along sidewalk near PUD substation.
  • Crews are now forming and will begin pouring walls to storm water retention vault. This will bring 30-40 trucks on the construction site on concrete pouring days. Periodic all-lane closures in both directions while concrete trucks exit construction site.
  • August: Installation of temporary traffic signals in front of the PUD substation. These temporary signals will be in use throughout the project until new signals are installed for turns into new the Seaway Transit Center and PUD substation. 

Swift Green Line Station Construction

  • Bids to build stations along the Swift Green Line corridor have been received and are currently under review.

128th Widening Construction Ramping Up on Eastside of I-5

128th construction

Construction crews just finished building a new water main on the southside of 128th east of I-5.  The sidewalk between 4th and I-5 will continue to be closed as crews begin the widening project.

Up next on 128th:

  • Happening now: Water main pressure testing and connecting to system.
  • End of July-Early August: Begin building new retaining wall along 128th in front of Denny’s restaurant. This could cause     periodic lane closures on 128th during the day during off-peak hours. Watch for traffic signals and flaggers on roadway.

The road-widening project will create new right-hand lanes on 128th Street at the approach to I-5, one on each side of the freeway in South Everett. These lanes will save buses 3-7 minutes, while also providing a benefit to general purpose traffic.



    Swift Network Map with Swift Green Line

    Swift Green Line to Connect Bothell and Paine Field 

    Swift is Community Transit's Bus Rapid Transit service. 

    Washington State’s first bus rapid transit line opened in November 2009. The Swift Blue Line serves a 17-mile route between Everett and Shoreline. It provides fast, frequent and reliable service whether you are traveling from Everett to Lynnwood, Edmonds to Shoreline or anywhere in between. 

    The Swift Green Line will serve a 12.5-mile route between Paine Field/Boeing and Canyon Park/ Bothell. It is expected to begin service in early 2019. 

    The Swift Green Line will provide appealing choices for people to travel without a car. Because stations are further apart and fares are paid at the station, Swift buses offer rail-like quickness. 

    Not only will this route offer fast, frequent service to those living or working between Bothell and Boeing, but the connection to the Swift Blue Line will greatly expand the ease of transit use in our region. 

    The Swift Green Line will cross the Swift Blue Line at Airport Road and Highway 99, establishing a Swift network. 

    More Swift lines to the north and east of our county are planned for the future. 

    Swift Green Line Information

    Swift Bus - Welcome Aboard

    24-Hour Construction Information Line: 1-844- 370-6849