Thoreau Matters - February 23, 2024

Thoreau Matters

February 23, 2024

Dear Thoreau Families,

This week, the Administrative team and teachers collaborated to review the Student Rights and Responsibilities with all classes. This review focused on reminding everyone of the expectations we hold for ourselves and each other, embodied by our school's RISE values: Respect, Integrity, Service, and Engagement. We encourage all students to reflect on how they can embody RISE in their actions throughout the second half of the year. Remember, these values are not just words on paper; they are the foundation for creating a positive and productive learning environment for everyone.

Recently, we have seen an increase in disruptive behavior in the hallways and bathrooms. While the majority of our students are demonstrating excellent choices, a few incidents have caused concern. To address this, we have implemented the following measures and I addressed our students today on the morning news show:

  • Increased supervision during cafeteria transitions: We have added additional staff members to monitor movement through the hallways during lunch periods.
  • Restricted bathroom access before school: To prevent loitering and potential misuse, only one bathroom on each floor will be accessible before the official school start time.
  • Encouraging peer accountability: All students are encouraged to stand up and hold each other accountable for responsible behavior. 
  • Reinforcing "See something, say something": It's crucial to remember that student safety extends beyond the physical building and into the online world. If you see or hear something concerning, whether in person or on social media, please report it to an administrator, counselor, or teacher immediately. Your voice matters, and you could help prevent a potential problem.

Building a positive and safe school environment takes a collective effort. We appreciate the support of our students, families, and staff members in working towards this goal.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.


Teresa Khuluki

8th Grade Activities Fair

Our 8th graders will be going to Madison, Marshall and Oakton High Schools on Friday, March 15th, for their annual activity fair. Almost all 8th grade teachers and counselors will be assigned as chaperones for the trip. Students will be bused over to the high schools around 9:45am. Madison (around 375 students) and Oakton (around 200 students) students will return to Thoreau around 11:45am, eat lunch, and then be sent to 9th period. Marshall students (around 25 students) will return around 12:45pm and will be sent directly to their 9th period class because they will have already eaten lunch while visiting Marshall. All of this information & more can be found on the student field trip permission slips that were handed out to students last week (February 14th) in their science classes. Parents/guardians please be on the lookout for these permission slips because they are due back to your child’s science teacher no later than Friday March 8th. If a student fails to hand in their signed permission slip, they will not be allowed to attend the field trip. If your child is scheduled to attend a high school other than Madison, Marshall or Oakton, please reach out to your child’s counselor!

Student Intention Forms

Moving this summer? If your family plans include relocation, please notify us by completing the Intention Form and send it to Ms. Karla Macoto - at your earliest convenience.


CrossTown Hoops T-Shirt & Ticket Information  

Purchase a CrossTown Hoops T-Shirt to fill the stands with Thoreau spirit! $13 on MemberHub. To ensure delivery before the game, T-Shirt sales will run from Feb 21st through February 26th. No T-Shirt orders will be sold at the event.

Go Eagles!  MemberHub Store link:

T-Shirts will be distributed to the students at school in the cafeteria during lunch on March 4th & 6th.

Reminder - CrossTown Hoops tickets sold out quickly this year, no tickets will be sold at the door and any tickets purchased through the Kilmer MS weblink will not be valid for Thoreau students


Black History Month


Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history. Students will participate in meaningful opportunities to learn about the contributions of Black and African American people as we honor these diverse and important stories. Learn more about the heritage months, celebrations, and traditions celebrated in FCPS.  Learn more about Black History month.

College Partnership Program

The application process for the College Partnership Program (CPP) is now open. See our web site (CPP Flyer) for more information about this program and the support it provides to students.

Middle School Sports

Track and Field Competition is coming to Thoreau MS this Spring. We will be scheduling an interest meeting for students in the coming weeks!

  • Events to choose from will include 100m, 200m, and 400m Sprint Events; 800m and 1600m Distance Events; Long Jump and Shot Put
  • Practices start in March and will be held Mondays and Wednesdays 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm. Additional After-School activities are available if students wish to use the Late Buses to get home
  • There will be four meets scheduled in April and May. These will be held on Saturday mornings on High School Tracks
  • To participate in the Middle School Track Program the following information must be completed:
    • Complete this form Thoreau MS Sports Registration
    • Have a doctor complete the MS Sports Physical Form. (Physical forms on record for Cross Country are valid if they were done within the current school year). Please have your student turn in the forms to the main office
    • Complete and sign the attached Emergency Care Card. The ECC can also be found and printed from your Parent Vue account. Please double-check that all information is current

The 3 steps must be completed before students can participate.

We are pleased to welcome back Coach Sharphorn as one of our Track & Field coaches this spring! 

Interested in becoming a coach alongside Coach Sharphorn? Please email our Athletics Coordinator, Chris Pinkerton at and let him know that you're interested! There is a $500 contract offered for this position.

Understanding HS Mathematics Course Offerings Webinar

How can students participate in mathematics throughout high school in a way that is relevant to and supportive of post-secondary and career interests? FCPS Math Specialists are offering a webinar for parents/guardians on March 8th from 10 to 11:30 AM. 

During this session, the presenters will discuss mathematics graduation requirements and how to support students in navigating the various course offerings currently available in FCPS. Students and their families may start thinking about what course pathways are available beginning in middle school. 

Presented by Jennifer Allard FCPS High School Math Specialist and Erin Sylves FCPS Math Specialist.

March 8, 2024, 10-11:30 AM.  Add to Your Calendar

Register for Understanding High School Mathematics Course Offerings

You can access more information on this website

SOL Test Calendar

The SOL assessment schedule can be found below. The testing schedule will impact the bell schedule each day. Please avoid prearranged student absences on the dates your child will be taking an SOL test. More information regarding middle school SOLs is available on the SOL assessments webpage.


7th grade

8th grade

April 16th


Integrated Reading & Writing SOL

May 9th


Science SOL (Except for the Turtle Team)

May 13th


Science SOL (Turtle Team)

May 15th

Reading SOL

Reading SOL

May 17th

Math SOL

Math SOL 


Scheduled as needed throughout window


For any student who receives a score of 375-399, they will be offered a retake. Thoreau staff will make parent phone calls to obtain parent permission and teachers will provide remediation to students. 

Retakes will occur May 28th-31st.


If you have any questions regarding testing, please contact Thoreau’s school test coordinator, Erin Lynch (703.846.8058 or

FCPS Summer Learning and Fun

Career and Technical Education

CTE Summer Academy (CSA) is a week-long enrichment program that allows students in grades 6-11 to dive deeper into CTE program areas, develop skills, and begin career exploration. Visit the CSA webpage to register.

Institute for the Arts Camps

IFTA is a two- or three-week summer enrichment program for students currently in grades 6-11. Students select from nearly 90 classes in art, dance, health and physical education 9 (graduation requirement), music, and theater. Visit the IFTA webpage to register. 

Self-Directed Economics and Personal Finance

Summer is a great time for high school students to fulfill the Economics and Personal Finance course requirement. During the self-directed course, students work independently to complete the requirements. Students must register by Friday, May 24. For more information, see the Summer Learning information page.

Summer Online Campus

Take advantage of the opportunity to earn a high school course credit via this summer’s online campus program. Registration ends Friday, June 7. Math, health and physical education, career and technical education, English, science, social studies, and world language courses are available to eligible students.

Additional Summer Learning Opportunities

Please go to the following website Summer Learning information page to learn about these summer opportunities:

  • Credit Recovery Academy/ Extended Learning
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • Self-Directed Economics and Personal Finance


Thoreau After-School Program

After-School clubs & late buses occur on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between the hours of 2:25pm - 4:45pm for the remainder of the school year!


Week of February 26th - March 1st



Email Ms. Colleen Myers at or call 703.846.8089.