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Woodson Football Entrance Gates

Woodson Football Entrance Gates

As we prepare for our First Home Varsity Football game, September 8th versus Oakton, we want to remind you that the following guidelines are in effect to ensure that all of our patrons, students, and parents enjoy the true spirit of the event: 

  • The game will start at 7:00pm  Cost of tickets are $5, and can be purchased at the gate or ahead of time through this E-tix link.
  • Patrons will not be allowed to enter the stadium with athletic equipment such as bats, balls, sticks, etc. 
  • Backpacks are not allowed.  Everyone entering the stadium is subject to search.
  • Patrons will not be allowed to enter the stadium with outside food or containers such as water bottles, cups, cans, etc. 
  • We welcome all members of the community to attend our games, but parents are needed to attend and monitor middle and elementary aged students.  All attendees, regardless of age, are expected to behave responsibly.  
  • Woodson High School (including the parking lots) is a drug, alcohol, and tobacco-free zone.  Adults and students who are determined to be in violation of regulations restricting the possession or being under the influence of drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco will be dealt with accordingly, including being subject to arrest by police.
  • Representatives from the Fairfax County Police Department, the Woodson Administration, and the Woodson Security Staff will continue to monitor the activities of our patrons in the parking lot, at the ticket gate, and inside the stadium to promote a safe and secure environment for both Woodson fans, our visitors, and guests.
  • For varsity football games, once you pay and enter the stadium you may not leave and reenter. Please plan accordingly. 
  • Woodson HS students and parents are asked to demonstrate good citizenship and spirited sportsmanship to our opponents and their fans.  Any clothing that includes negative references to opposing teams/schools will not be tolerated.  The Woodson Cavalry is considered the best fans in Virginia! Let’s show everyone that we are #Cavstrong.

Thank you in advance for making this a great event for all!  We are #oneWoodson!

Sincerely, Woodson Administration

Expectations for Fans at Events

Woodson fans are the best of the best. Woodson Athletics always expects all guest to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner before, during and after the competition. We expect all guests to treat other guests, players, coaches and officials with courtesy. Please join us in creating a fun, safe, family atmosphere at Woodson High School by:


  1. Cheering with class. Be a good sport. Be gracious in victory and accept defeat with dignity.
  2. Not encouraging unsportsmanlike conduct toward players, coaches, and officials.
  3. Encouraging your team regardless of their play.
  4. Treat all competitors fairly. Don’t show excessive displays of anger or frustration. Have the strength to overcome the temptation to demean others.


Cavalier Fans WILL:

  • Cheer with respect and in the spirit of good sportsmanship for our team and not against the other team.
  • Be a positive role model for those around them by treating others with courtesy and respect.
  • Comply with any directions given by game management.
  • Promote sportsmanship through the use of positive sports related chants.


Cavalier Fans WILL NOT:

  • Ridicule, criticize, or show any signs of disrespect to officials, players, coaches, or other spectators in victory or defeat.
  • Display vulgar, racial, culturally insensitive or abusive language or threatening gestures.
  • Use names and numbers of individual players.
  • Enter the playing area at any time, including after the game.



FCPS does not condone offensive, hateful language on the sports fields, in the school buildings or anywhere on premises or while under the supervision of FCPS personnel. We will hold anyone found to have used such language accountable for their words and actions. To eradicate any of the behavior referenced (or perception of such), there are actions that will be taken.


  • We are all here to compete with the other team, not against them
  • The stadium is a place to highlight and showcase the work all athletes and coaches have done to get here, be respectful and cheer for your team.
  • Do not disrespect your school, your community, or the other team by behaving in an un-sportsman-like manner. Honor the sport, the players, the coaches and the officials.
  • What you say matters.  On the field and off, and we are all accountable.
  • There is no reason to engage in any banter or conversation with a player from the other team.


Booster Passes- Don’t want to wait in line? Want to save money if you have multiple kids playing multiple sports for Woodson Athletics? Buy your Booster Pass to save money today for all regular season home games. For more information and booster pass option click here

e-Tix | Online Ticketing

Tickets are now available online for our HOME 2024 School year!  To purchase tickets in advance, use this link to select the event for which you want tickets, then use your credit card information to purchase the number of tickets you want. You will receive a confirmation email for your purchase, and you will pull up that email on your phone to present to the ticket booth, scanning your ticket.  Purchasing your ticket ahead of time will save you time at the gate.  If you forget to purchase your tickets ahead of time, we will have QR codes posted at the gate to scan and purchase your tickets on your phone. Tickets are $5 for spectators.

Athletic Booster Pass

Live Stream

Woodson High School is proud to announce that we have partnered with the NFHS Network, and invested in new technology that will bring you every game from our Main Gym and Stadium LIVE.

Here's how to watch:

1) Visit www.NFHSnetwork.com

2) Search for Woodson and go to our page

3) Subscribe and Follow - There is a fee to subscribe this year, it is no longer a free service.

Thank you for you continued support of Cavalier Athletics. We look forward to bringing you top notch broadcasts of our athletic events!


Other Important Links

Activity Registration - wtwoodson-ar.rschooltoday.com

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FCPS Student Athletics - www.fcps.edu/activities/student-athletics

NFHS Network Live Streaming- https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/schools/w-t-woodson-high-school-fairfax-va

E-Tix Link- https://www.etix.com/ticket/v/16311/wtwoodson-high-school-athletics







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