Message from the Principal


Greetings Saxons,

It’s been a while since I’ve share the happenings of Saxon Country with you. Don’t let the silence fool you; we have much to celebrate. Our students have been busy showing their Saxon style! Without further hesitation, let’s get this party started!


Congratulations to Boys Swim and Dive on their Northern Region and VHSL wins!

Congratulations to the Indoor Track seniors!

We also congratulate our Indoor Track athletes on their performances at VHSL competition!
Top 3 at State:
Lila Waters 2nd place in the 1600m
Girls 4x800 3rd place (Corrine Jaggard, Lila Pesavento, Lily Zavrel, and Hazel Calway)

School records:
Jack Pino in the 300m
Zoey McFadyen in the 300m
Girls 4x200 (Ali DeLong, Katie Finkelman, Ashley Varacalli, Zoey McFadyen)
Boys 4x400 (Tejus Verma, Ashton Johns, Kevin Farsnworth, Jack Pino)

Our Winter Guard had an outstanding performance at their recent competition!

A shout out to the Winter Guard seniors!

Way to go, NVHSL State Champs!

We congratulate violinist Audrey Goodner who was selected as concertmaster of the 2023 All-Virginia Orchestra!

The FCCPTA Reflections Awards

Congratulations to:

  • Aryana Molaiyfor receiving the Outstanding
    Interpretation Award in Photography (1st place. Advanced to VA PTA) 
  • Peter Thoreson for receiving the Award of Excellence in Visual Arts (2nd place).

We salute the artists who participated in DIVERSEartLANGLEY. Winners were
Shoshana Marcus (LHS): Human; 2) Katherine Chen (CMS): Swirl; 3) Zachary Ulman (LHS) who placed in the competition.

Also, a huge thank you to the PTSA and the committee co-chairs Heather Murphy-Capps and Stefanie Stayin for their support of this amazing event.

Congratulations to the Model Judiciary Club on their great showing at the recent competition held at the Fairfax County Government Center.

Jayden Lee was recognized as one of the eight outstanding attorneys in the tournament.

The following students were recognized for their outstanding individual performances.
Attorneys: Ariaana Downing, Catherine Qui, Michael Li, Jayden Lee, Banyan Tilluma, Jenny Wang
Witnesses: Hannah Abraham, Grace Chen, Felicia Lee, Vishwa Rakasi, Sahil Gubbi, Lianna Hong, Anniyah Rivzi, Maanav Shah, Banyan Tilluma

Team 1
Grace Chen
Ariaana Downing
Lianna Hong
Jayden Lee
Vishwa Rakasi
Anniyah Rizvi
Maanav Shah
Jenny Wang
Peyton Walcott

Team 2
Hannah Abraham
Jewell Alcorn
Sahin Gubbi
Felicia Lee
Michael Li
Catherine Qui
Leah Robinson
Emily Tan
Banyan Tilluma

The Langley Forensics team has had much recent success as we had three individuals advance to the VHSL State Championships to be held next month, and four competitors qualified for the NCFL National Competition
to be held in May.


Congratulations to Langley Science Olympiad on their 1st Place win at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology competition. We wish them luck as they advance to the state tournament on March 25. We salute the following students for their outstanding placements!

1st Place Events:

  • Zelmay Jan & Sankrith Ramani in Anatomy and Physiology
  • Nik Polyakov & Jason Zhang in Detector Building
  • Zelmay Jan & Mansi Bhardwaj in Dynamic Planet
  • Jason Zhang & Rachel Ku in It's About Time
  • Matthew Kim & Lilly Wu in Trajectory
  • Claire Kim & Mia Tripathi in Write It Do It

2nd Pace Events:

  • Lilly Wu & Justin Ma, Akaash Sachdeva in Code
  • Arnav Ketineni & Sankrith Ramani in Environmental Chemistry
  • Scarlett Adams, Mia Tripathi & Eugene Byun in Experimental Design
  • Noah McFadden & Madeleine Meng in Forensics

3rd Place Events:

  • Isabella Zhang & Omar Khatri in Bridge
  • Sankrith Ramani & Eugene Byun in Chem Lab
  • Pranav Gupta, Ray Zhang & Sankrith Ramani in Code Busters
  • Shriya Jaddu & Daniella Wu in Disease Detectives
  • Mansi Bhardwaj & Arnav Ketineni in Forensics
  • Lily Choi & Risha Potluri in Forestry
  • Zahra Izzi & Ray Zhang in Green Generation
  • Pranav Gupta & Claire Kim in Trajectory
  • Sohil Kadam & Sarah Azad in Write It Do It

4th Place Events:

  • Avi Grang & Risha Potluri in Environmental Chemistry
  • Rachel Ku & Scarlett Adams in Forestry
  • Shae Tu & Lilly Wu in It's About Time
  • Jolie Wu & Mia Tripathi in Rocks and Minerals
  • Nik Polyakov & Arnav Ketineni in Scrambler 

5th Place Events:

  • Claire Kim & Jolie Wu in Astronomy
  • Lily Choi & Shae Tu in Forensics
  • Anderson Hoang & Harry Han in Forestry
  • Shriya Jaddu & Ruthie Chian in Rocks and Minerals
  • Shae Tu & Raahil Mallick in Scrambler
  • Katherine Ku & Sarah Azad in Trajectory

6th Place Events:

  • Zahra Izzi & Jolie Wu in Disease Detectives
  • Isabella Zhang & Harry Han in It's About Time


Our Model United Nations team was outstanding in their recent competition at Old Dominion University! Way to go, team!


Taiki Bongiovi & Rujvi Thakkar: Honorable Delegation
Evan Lee & Zara Ghattas: Outstanding Delegation
Sarah Abraham & Maanav Shah: Outstanding Delegation
James McGowan & Eesha Kaushik: BEST DELEGATION


Karim Tejani & Josselyn Gould: Outstanding Delegation
Daniel Zeng & Sophia Ojo: Outstanding Delegation


Hannah Abraham & Jai Sabharwal: Outstanding Delegation

UNSS War on Ukraine:

Leo Roberto & Leah Robinson: Outstanding Delegation
Kalyna Vickers & Ethan Bhatia: Outstanding Delegation
Derek Liu & Anshra Malik: BEST DELEGATION
Ashley Khang & Ben Tran: BEST DELEGATION

United Nations Human Rights Council:

Ava Nash & Abe Al-Dalli: Outstanding Delegation

Arab League:

Dhaya Kumaresan & Ryan Dadoo: Outstanding Delegation

German Confederation:

Matt Tam & Maya Malik: BEST DELEGATION

Trojan War Crisis Committee:


Angolan Civil War Joint Crisis Committee (UNITA, MPLA):

Kai Henryson-Gibbs: Honorable Delegation
Sophia Bongiovi: BEST DELEGATION

Kudos to the World History II Honors students who participated in National History Day.
The following winners were selected to move on to the district competition held on March 4th.

Individual Exhibit:
Efe Yilman
Sydney Chan

Group Exhibit:
Bryce Choe
Isabella Suma
Zoey McFadyen
Zachary Cardenas

Seth Ludlow
Cyrus Bajoghli
Brooke Mills

Individual Website:
Caprice Rodriguez

Group Website:
Avery Orfitelli
Ella Grace Armstrong
Chloe Kowalczyk

Sierra Page

Individual Documentary:
Katelyn Merritt

Group Documentary:
Sarah Irwin
Lauren Farfan

We are pleased to congratulate the following students who were selected to move on the state level National History Day contest to be held at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture in Richmond on Sunday, April 30:

Sierra Page - Her Vote: Emmeline Pankhurst’s Battle on the Suffrage Frontier
Efe Yilmaz - Gunpowder and its impact on the evolution of military warfare
Isabella Suma - The World’s Most Revolutionary Machine in Human History: A Frontier in Literature - The Gutenberg Press
Bryan Choe - The World’s Most Revolutionary Machine in Human History: A Frontier in Literature - The Gutenberg Press

Best of luck to our It’s Academic Team as they compete in playoff competition this Sunday! Broadcast information will be shared at a later date.

Finally, this week is National Social Workers Week. We shoutout and thank our school social worker Jordan Payne for all she does to support our kids and families each day!


I wish each of you an amazing weekend!