Message from the Principal


Greetings Saxons,

Happy 2023. I hope this new year gotten off to a great start for everyone. In Saxon Country, our students have welcomed the new year with accomplishments in a number of arenas. Let the shout outs begin!

Bravo to all of the students who competed for positions as counsel and student-justice for Langley Case Day. Congratulations to the following students who were selected for participation.

Sankrith Ramani
Kushaan Soodan
Shriya Mani
Molly Lukas
Ashley Headrick
Sylvia Cheng

Congratulations to our senior wrestlers!

We salute our Science Olympiad team which placed second at the Fairfax Invitational. With over 50 teams
competing, this was quite an accomplishment.

Awards were earned for placing top 5 in an event. The following students placed in their events:

 1st place awards

Pranav Gupta, Sankrith Ramani, and Ray Zhang in Codebusters
Pranav Gupta and Claire Kim in Trajectory (a catapult event) 

2nd place awards

Claire Kim and Jolie Wu in Astronomy
Lilly Wu and Mathew Kim in Trajectory

3rd place awards

Woojin (Eugene) Byun and Sankrith Ramani in Chemistry Lab
Nik Polyakov and Nithya Jayakaran in Detector Building

4th place awards

Arnav Ketineni and Mansi Bhardwaj in Forensics
Isabella Zhang and Matthew Kim in Detector Building
Zahra Izzi and Zelmay Jan in Cell Biology

5th place awards

Lilly Wu and Shae Tu in It’s About Time
Jolie Wu and Mia Tripathi in Rocks and Minerals
Sarah Azad and Katherine Ku in Environmental Chemistry
Matthew Kim and Katherine Ku in Flight

Please help me congratulate the following students on their selection to the District 12 Honor Bands!

Aya Albolete

Katie Chen 

Carter  DeMoors

Jianwen Ding            

Catherine Dunn       

Tyler Engola

Jaeda Fontaine-Rasaiah

Viraj Ganguli

Jacqui Go

William Gotts

Harry Han

Ryan Healy

Anderson Hoang      

Zelmay Jan

Cassie Keating

Sheila Keshavarz

Collin Le

Kevin Lee

Amelia Lee

Jayden Lee

Joanna Liang

Henry Lin

Morgan Marenburg

Elliot Pomper

Ethan Pwu

Calvin Qi

Anniyah Rizvi         

Kelly Shi

Vishwa Surabhi

Myah Tokajer

Kaan Tunasar 

Andrew Wang

Tim Wang  

Tommy Worden

Noah Workie

Daniella Wu            

Daniel  Yo 

Zelmay Zhang

Lily Zhang


Langley's Model United Nations team competed in Chantilly High School’s Model UN competition this past weekend. We are thrilled with the number of awards earned during the competition. Best Delegation is equivalent to first place, Outstanding Delegation is equivalent to second place, Honorable Delegation is equivalent to third place, and Verbal Commendation is equivalent to fourth place. 

United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR):

Peyton Walcott & Lara De: Verbal Commendation
Ashley Khang & Evan Lee: Honorable Delegation
Matt Tam & Leah Robinson: Outstanding Delegation 

World Health Organization (WHO):

Ben Tran & Maya Malik: Honorable Delegation
Kai Henryson-Gibbs & Ryan Dadoo: Honorable Delegation
Sarah Abraham & Sohil Kadam: Outstanding Delegation 

Economic & Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN):

Owen Braniff & Josselyn Gould: Honorable Delegation
Zain Rahman & Zara Ghattas: BEST DELEGATION

Disarmament & International Security Committee (DISEC):

Maanav Shah & Ashley Headrick: Verbal Commendation
Dhaya Kumaresan & Leo Roberto: Honorable Delegation 

Indian Rebellion of 1857:


College Board’s Board of Trustees:

Mei Torrey: Outstanding Delegation


Karim Tejani: Outstanding Delegation

Star Wars: The Galactic Senate:

Sylvia Cheng: Honorable Delegation

FIFA Council:

Abe Al-Dalli: Verbal Commendation

United Nations Security Council (UNSC):

Anshra Malik: Outstanding Delegation

Castellammarese War JCC: Masseria Family:

Shaan Sabharwal: Outstanding Delegation

Castellammarese War JCC: Maranzano Family:

Sophia Bongiovi: Outstanding Delegation

Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General:

Kalyna Vickers: Outstanding Delegation

Our students are truly amazing! They provide us many reasons to be proud!