LHMS Weekly News and Updates



Parents and Caregivers,

We look forward to celebrating the holidays as a community in a number of ways next week.  See the five Spirit Days planned by our Langston Leadership Council below for what students can wear to participate.

On Thursday or Friday students will have the opportunity to attend or watch the Talent Show.  And on Friday each grade level will enjoy a Winter Holiday Concert put on by our band, chorus, and orchestra groups during an extended 3rd period.  Thank you to our Directors Ms Bergman, Ms. Waldrop, and Ms. Jimenez!

As with previous years, the county commits to parents that the students will have a true break from homework and studying for major assessments over the holiday break.  Major assessments or projects will be paced so that students may enjoy the holidays and break. 

Aimee Monticchio



8th grade is going on a field trip to "Finance Park"  January 11, 12 ,13 and 17th. 

Would you be interested in volunteering for your student’s field trip?  If so, sign up to volunteer for this unique experience at: https://www.myja.org/parents/fairfax






All parents/guardians of Middle School students who have registered for a SIS ParentVUE Account and have a primary email address recorded in SIS ParentVUE can receive Weekly Progress Reports via email. This report provides a summary of your student(s) grades for the current quarter. To activate the Weekly Progress Reports via email, login to your SIS ParentVUE Account and first verify that you have a primary email address within the system. It is listed under the “My Account” tab. If it is blank, enter the email address where you would like to receive the progress reports and click on update account. Once confirmed, parents/guardians are able to activate and select their preferences for receiving these reports within the SIS ParentVUE “My Account” tab.

Weekly progress reports for all of your Middle and High School students will be included in one email.

For questions about a specific progress report or grade you can login into your SIS ParentVUE Account to find detailed grade book information. Additionally, your student’s teacher is always the best resource to answer any grade book questions that you may have. Weekly Progress Report Parent Quick Reference Guide


Please contact Sharon DuncanHudspeth at SDDuncanHuds@fcps.edu if you think you can support this program. Donations of $5 or $10 gift cards are ideal and can be delivered to the school: Attention – Sharon DuncanHudspeth.


Social Emotional Learning

Students have been reflecting on their academic progress and work habits in Connections.  This week they reviewed their grades in Student VUE and created SMART goals.  Students recorded their goals in Naviance, which is a computer-based program that allows students to track goals, create academic plans, and explore college and career opportunities.  Parents are encouraged to check out Naviance with their student and ask to look at their goal. 





Frozen Jr. Interest Meeting and Audition Workshop will be held Dec. 15 at 2:30pm in the Lecture Hall. Any student interested in being in the cast or crew should plan to attend. Information packets will be distributed, and audition instruction will be provided.

Auditions will be held Jan 4-6. Contact Ms. Cheryl Dewenter at ccdewenter@fcps.edu with any questions.


Get Ready for Winter Weather

Winter weather will be here before you know it! Watch this video to see how weather closing decisions are made

FCPS’ inclement weather procedures will remain the same as last year. The first five inclement weather days will be traditional “snow days” with no school activities. After those five days, we will use the flexibility provided by the General Assembly to have unscheduled virtual learning days, whenever possible, to maintain the continuity of learning. Virtual learning on these days will be synchronous instruction, following the inclement weather virtual learning day schedule (includes a two-hour delay).

FCPS’ website is generally the first mode of communication during emergency weather closings. Other communication channels will be used as quickly as possible including email, text, social media, and news stations. Learn more about how schedule changes are communicated

Plan ahead, and make sure your contact information is up-to-date in UConnect, so you will receive text messages from FCPS. Bookmark the FCPS website, plan for childcare if needed, and know what items you may want to take home with you before a weather event.


Hi Hughes Family, 

My kiddos are at it again. We will be participating in the Iron Giraffe Challenge to help raise money for the Water for Sudan organization. 

Please see the attached letter from Salva Dut (one of the Lost Boys of South Sudan) Salva's letter about IGC.pdf and the fundraiser link.

Each year, my students participate in the iron giraffe challenge in conjunction with reading the story of Salva Dut in the novel, A Long Walk to Water. Our goal is to raise $1000. I am proud to say that each year we have surpassed that goal. Your contributions in the past have undoubtedly helped us get there. Please share the link on your social media platforms and with your family and friends. Of course, you are also welcome to give if you so desire. 

Thank you in advance for your support. 


Ms. Echols


Holiday meals are a special time when families come together. Can you help make the holidays special for a local family struggling with food insecurity? Since 2016, Food For Neighbors has been providing holiday meals to students in middle and high schools throughout Fairfax and Loudoun counties. For every $50 donated to the Food for Neighbors Holiday Meals Program, they will provide a $50 grocery store gift card for a local family to purchase a nutritious and delicious meal this season. To donate, visit FFN Holiday Meals Program.

Hunger is an unwelcome guest during the holidays and with your generosity, families throughout our community will experience the joy of gathering around a table together to enjoy a nice meal.

Alcohol & The Holidays

The holidays usually involve family time, games, movies, food, and possibly drinks. The holidays may involve less family members this year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean less alcohol for some. Alcohol consumption has increased during the pandemic and when ABC stores were deemed essential it didn’t help lower those rates (ABC News, September 29, 2020). Many people are still trying to figure out how to navigate our “new normal” since a global pandemic wasn’t on our to-do list in 2020, but we encourage you to consider a few things during these trying times.

Questions to consider when drinking with your family:

  1. What message am I sending if I drink in excess around my underage child?
  2. Have I had conversations about responsible drinking with them?
  3. Are the conversations I have about alcohol realistic?
  4. Do my conversations with others reinforce alcohol use as a coping skill during stressful times?
  5. What messages am I sending my underage child if I allow them to drink with me or another adult in the house?

Info to consider:

“One-third of Fairfax County students (33.7%) reported drinking alcohol at least once in their lifetime, ranging from 18.8% of eighth-grade students to half of twelfth-grade students (49.4%). One in seven students (15.2%) reported drinking alcohol in the past month, ranging from 4.5% of eighth-grade students to 27.7% of twelfth-grade students.” (FCPS Youth Survey 2020)

“Female students reported higher rates of alcohol use in their lifetime (36.1% compared to 31.2% of male students), in the past month (17.1% and 13.1%, respectively), and binge drinking in the past two weeks (7.3% and 6.5%, respectively)” (FCPS Youth Survey 2020).


Holiday Stress

Helpful Info to Quit Vaping

FCPS video on Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

Substance Abuse Prevention (Spanish)

For general questions about the FCPS Substance Abuse Prevention Program, please contact the Office of Student Safety & Wellness at: (571) 423-4270 and be sure to follow us on Twitter at @FCPSSAPS.

For further Information & support:

Monica Rogers, CSAC, QMHP-C/A

Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist


Did you know that FCPS has partnered with Tutor.com so students may access assistance on their schoolwork 24/7?  Learn “How It Works” and how to get started by exploring the FCPS Website!  Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!



Talking Points now available countywide.

What is Talking Points? Talking Points is an easy and safe way families can communicate your child’s school and teachers for free, in your correspondence language!  Amplify your conversations with your child about school with the help of Talking Points and easy access to what’s happening at Langston Hughes Middle School!

Talking Points for Families Video



Still learning Schoology? 

Check out the abundance of resources for you and your child in our Langston Parent Course and in our Student Course!  



Dec 16 - Last day of school for winter holiday

Dec. 19 – Jan 2, 2023 – Winter Break

Jan 3 - Welcome Back, Staff and Students! 

Jan 9 - PTA Meeting @ 7 p.m. with special presentation from Director of Student Services, Michele Beard, to discuss 8th grade and 9th grade course selection, Middle Years IB, and all things class schedules