Panther Press for November 6, 2022

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Time to Fall Back!

This Sunday, Nov. 6, at 2 a.m., daylight saving time ends. Don’t forget to move your clocks back one hour!

Daylight Savings

Election Day is November 8!

Calendar Reminder

Don’t forget to get out and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8! The day will be observed as a holiday for students and teachers. See the complete 2022-23 school year calendar.

Veterans' Day is November 11


As a reminder, Friday, November 11, is a student holiday/school planning day for the Veterans Day holiday. Veterans Day provides a great reason to pause, reflect, and recognize the extraordinary sacrifices our Veterans and their families have made on our behalf, and we thank them for their service. 

As part of our Veterans Day commemoration, Parklawn is participating in a  school-wide letter writing event through Operation Gratitude. This organization will distribute our letters to veterans and active members of the military. What a great connection to our P2 strengths of Bravery and Gratitude!

Fall Picture Day is November 14!

picture day

November Family Coffee: "Parklawn Online"


Our next monthly Family Coffee is Tuesday, November 15 from 9-10 am in person! We will explore together Schoology, ParentVue, and Parklawn connections on line! 

Superintendent Community Conversations

Please join us for a Superintendent Community Conversation at Justice High School on Monday, November 21 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. or Annandale High School on Tuesday, November 28 from 6:30-7:30. Learn more about Dr. Michelle Reid, FCPS superintendent, and help her get to know our school community. Language interpretation will be provided, as available, as well as child care and light refreshments. Please register to attend ath this link:]

Positivity Project for November 5-11: Bravery!


This week our school community will be focusing on the character strength of Bravery. Bravery means you act with mental, moral, or physical strength even when you know things are difficult or scary.

Bravery refers to voluntary (not coerced) action in the face of a dangerous circumstance. This strength involves judgement; the brave person must have an understanding of the risks and consequences involved in acting. According to Socrates and Plato, forethought separates acts of valor from acts of rashness. This means that bravery isn’t simply fearlessness, but instead the overcoming of fear.

Overcoming fears is critically important in individual development, as it allows the person to do more and become more. A person can be brave every single day. For example, some people with social anxiety are brave just by leaving their house and talking with people. On a physical level, bravery allows us to overcome fears, such as swimming or playing a sport. And, on a moral level, doing what we know to be right, despite the risks, gives us the sense that we are acting on behalf of a larger purpose.

To practice and encourage the character strength of bravery with your child, please visit the Positivity Project’s P2 for Families (password: P2) where together you will watch a video, read a quote and talk about the answers to three questions.

Have a wonderful week!

FCPS Outstanding Employee Awards!

Each year FCPS recognizes and honors outstanding employees in a variety of positions with the employee awards program. Both staff and parents are welcome to nominate an employee who they believe meets the criteria and goes above and beyond the call of duty. 

Outstanding Teacher 

Outstanding New Teacher

Outstanding Principal Outstanding Leader 

Outstanding Professional Employee 

Outstanding Operational Employee 

If you are interested in nominating a Parklawn employee for an award, please use the Google form link here: to review the criteria and share why you think they deserve the award. Please submit your nomination by Friday, November 18 at 5 pm. Submissions or questions can be emailed to the school awards liaison, Rachel Zamudio at .

Message from the Parklawn PTA!


Thank you to all who joined the PTA as part of our membership drive last month! Here is a review of what we discussed at our PTA meeting on October 27. We reviewed the proposed budget and discussed specific activities we would like to plan for the coming year. We would like to plan a science night and a training for parents on keeping children safe online. We can use planning resources provided by the National PTA which include the supplies we need and directions for the activities. We would also like to support the school's gardens with a special activity for students, and are considering a student activity to support fitness, exercise, and movement. We are looking for 3 - 4 individuals to work on each event. If you are interested in learning more about these activities or are interested in helping to plan them, please email

In the coming weeks, we would also appreciate additional volunteers to help with two activities. We are now offering our Teacher Mini-grants, which allow teachers and staff to request funds for special classroom supplies. The PTA is accepting applications through November 11, and we are looking for 3 - 4 volunteers to help review the applications and meet to make decisions. If you are interested in helping with the mini-grant application review please email

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, November 8: Election Day; Holiday for staff and students

Friday, November 11: School Planning Day; No School for Students; Veteran’s Day

Monday, November 14: Fall Picture Day

Tuesday, November 15: November Family Coffee: “Parklawn Online”, 9-10 am in person!!

Thursday, November 17: PTA Meeting, 4:30-5:30

Monday, November 21: Justice Pyramid Community Conversation with Dr. Reid, Superintendent

Wednesday, November 23-25: Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, November 29: Annandale Pyramid Community Conversation with Dr. Reid, Superintendent