A Special Edition of Bush Hill Updates - TGIF - Friday, October 7th

Student Holiday Monday

Calendar Reminder: Indigenous Peoples’ Day, October 10

Indigenous Peoples' Day honors the histories, cultures, and contributions of Native peoples, past and present. This year, Monday, October 10, is a student holiday (no school for students only) and staff development day.

Visit this site to learn more about the cultural heritage of Fairfax County. Read this story in Smithsonian Magazine for ideas on how to celebrate Indigenous People’s DaySee the complete 2022-23 School Year Calendar

Specialist News

Library: This month our kindergartners are working to learn about the different areas of the library and how to keep books organized on shelves. 2nd and 3rd grade are working to create displays for our library using creative thinking skills and collaboration. 4th grade is creating book talks for our morning news show and 5th grade is researching famous people to create Famous Friday’s to share out with our school on our morning news. 

PE: We are in our Throwing & Catching unit. Grades K-2 are continuing with underhand and overhand throwing. We are doing a fun activity called Volcano where the students will use the skills we have been working on to throw balls into the Bush Hill Volcano. Grade 3-4 will be working together on their  throwing/catching skills in Doom Domes and Jailbreak. Grades 5-6 will be jumping into Team Handball games.  Please be sure your child knows what day they have P.E. and to wear tennis shoes to class. Students can also bring water bottles if needed, but we do have a water fountain in the gym they can use.

Art: This month artists are exploring their first drawing units and experimenting with dry media techniques, practicing drawing skills and using good craftsmanship.  Kindergarten-4th Grade have been using shapes to draw human forms and utilizing math skills to explore proportions.  5th graders have been using their drawing skills to illustrate meaningful personal stories.  6th Grade is finishing up a foil repousse unit to create an identity mandala.  

Music: This month students will be singing, moving, and playing instruments during music class. Students in all grade levels will explore the difference between songs in a major key and songs in a minor key. Grades 3-6 will begin playing the recorder this month, all students in these grade levels are required to have their own recorder. 

STEAM: In STEAM we continue to revisit the Engineering Design Process. Through our challenges connected to grade level standards, students are understanding that engineers can use this process for many types of problems and that one can move in and out of steps, as needed, to support their ideas. The STEAM challenges students engage in provide rigorous experiences that support essential learning and develop Portrait of a Graduate skills. K-1 will continue working on making observations using their senses and paying attention to detail. Grades 2-4 will be experimenting with Engineering Design Challenges. Grade 5 will be experimenting with cars connecting to their Force, Motion and Energy unit. And Grade 6 will be hands-on with their solar system unit. If you’re looking for something to do at home that connects to STEAM learning, you might try: creating a new game with a deck of cards, creating 3 different types of paper airplanes, going outside to collect items from nature to make a fairy garden, creating something from an empty paper towel roll, or creating a chalk obstacle course outside.

Work Out Wednesdays

Students are invited to participate in Work Out Wednesdays by dressing up in their workout gear or sports themed clothing. Our first Work Out Wednesday is Wednesday, October 12. Work Out Wednesdays will occur the second Wednesday of each month. 

Walk, Bike, and Roll to School Day

Fairfax County Public Schools will participate in Walk, Bike, and Roll to School Day on Wednesday, October 12, in an effort to promote physical activity and reduce traffic congestion and pollution near schools.

Students and employees are encouraged to bike or walk to school and work, where safe to do so, on October 12. Parents are encouraged to accompany their children to school. 

Walk and Bike to School Day Wednesday October 12

Put on the walking shoes, get the bikes/helmets ready Panthers! We encourage students/families to walk to walk/roll to school. Please be sure to wear a helmet if your are riding your bike.

Why Walk, Bike or Roll?

It’s fun! Remember the thrill of riding a bike for the first time or walking or rolling to school on the first day? There’s a feeling of joy and independence—a sense of adventure—that doesn’t fade. Of course, there are many other benefits to walking, biking or rolling to school, too.

-Healthier Habits

-Cleaner Environment

-Promoting Safety

-Community Benefits

-Less Traffic